The Beast Boy Who Cried Wolf is issue #2 of Teen Titans Go!.


Having a sense of humor isn't always such a good thing... at least that's what Beast Boy's teammates think, since they tend to be the victims to his jokes. Alien from outer space? Beast Boy totally freaked the other Titans out. Coupon for free pizza? Beast Boy sent Starfire to get him some pizza. Knock on the door? Beast Boy is bothering Raven from doing whatever she's doing in her room. Intruder in the garage, Cyborg's room, and the gym? Beast Boy's false alarm sent Robin and Cyborg running around the tower. Robin and Cyborg kicked him out (to the roof).

Meanwhile, the Gordanian bounty hunters are traveling in a ship with a outdated onboard computer and they are looking for... a DODO? They messed up the Jump City Zoo, but were disappointed when they couldn't find a single dodo. Just as they are about to return to their ship, they spotted a Tamaranean female (Starfire).

Starfire (carrying Beast Boy's pizza) is chased by the Gordanians. Beast Boy, seeing Starfire in danger, calls for help, but the other Titans did not believe in him. Beast Boy then turned into a dodo, to give Starfire a chance to attack. Starfire's bolt hit a Gordanian and he fell right down to Robin and Cyborg. The Titans fought and successfully sent the Gordanians away.




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