Red X was initially a villainous identity Robin assumed in an attempt to get closer to the villain Slade. After being outsmarted by Slade and nearly getting himself killed, Robin locked up the Red X suit, vowing never to use it again.

Some time later, however, the suit came into the possession of an unknown culprit. This new Red X had intended to use the suit for his own financial gain, but because the chemical Xenothium powering the suit was nearly exhausted, Red X stole a Xenothium scanner to hunt for more of the substance. This eventually brings Red X into conflict with Robin and the Teen Titans.

The new Red X is a mysterious, daring enigma who delights in toying with his enemies, holding no allegiances and working to suit his own ends. Red X assumes the role of an anti-hero, and while he considers Robin to be a personal rival, he also appears to grudgingly respect him enough to aid him in times of need. He has since become a popular recurring character in the series. (more...)

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