The Teen Tyrants are evil counterparts of the Teen Titans. They live in a parallel universe version of Jump City, where the Brotherhood of Evil becomes the Brotherhood of Justice.

Teen Titans Go!

As the Teen Tyrants are evil versions of the mainstream Teen Titans, they are rude and have no respect for the law. They are very competent as a team, as in their universe they have been mentioned to have conquered their version of Jump City. Their costumes mainly compose of black and red colors and have many gothic attributes to show their violent nature. They are cruel, selfish and sadistic, and unlike their counterparts they are not above killing their enemies as mentioned in Red Robin's order "Teen Tyrants, tear them apart!"

In issue # 48 of Teen Titans Go!, the Teen Tyrants make their appearance when Raven accidentally sends Killowat to their world in an attempt to send him back to his home universe. He is ambushed by Tempest and Arsenal, who, believing he is part of the Brotherhood of Justice, easily defeat him and send him to their headquarters, where he is interrogated by Blackfire (Starfire's counterpart). Red Raven reveals that Killowat has been accidentally lost in the "Multiverse," a place where countless universes exist. Meanwhile in the mainstream world, Raven realizes her mistake and aids the Titans in going into the other world to rescue Kilowatt by activating a portal, which causes them to encounter the Teen Tyrants by chance. The Teen Titans are defeated by Red Raven, and their evil counterparts plan to conquer their universe when Blackfire reveals herself to be a spy and brings in her own allies - the Brotherhood of Justice - to save the day. The Teen Tyrants are then defeated, and the Teen Titans safely bring Killowat in one piece.


Red Robin - A member of the Teen Tyrants and the evil version of Robin. Unlike Robin, Red Robin has a mohawk and the eyes on his mask are red. He is the leader of the Teen Tyrants, although like his teammates he looks to Red Raven for advice. He frequently calls Red Raven "love" and shows trust in her.

Tempest - A member of the Teen Tyrants and the evil version of Aqualad. Tempest shares his appearance with DC Comics' Teen Titans member Tempest, but has a shark harpoon-like hook in place of his left arm. Like his mainstream counterpart, he has water-based powers that he uses to great effect, like manipulating the water from a nearby pipe to short-circuit Killowat's powers and knock him out at the same time.

Red Raven - A member of the Teen Tyrants and the evil version of Raven. She has a more punk-like appearance, with short magenta-colored hair, white skin and triangular markings underneath her eyes. Her costume shares similarities with Raven's emoticlone Red Raven from the Teen Titans animated series, except she has one pendant on her belt, which has strings tied, and high-legged boots. Red Raven seems to serve as the actual leader of the Teen Tyrants, as she is the one making the final decisions.

Arsenal - A member of the Teen Tyrants and the evil version of Speedy. He shares his adult appearance with DC Comics' Teen Titans member Arsenal, and his ability to shoot a variety of arrows with great accuracy. He is sadistic and has a love for destruction.

Blackfire - A member of the Teen Tyrants and the "evil" version of Starfire. She shares her counterpart's appearance, only that her costume is more revealing and her hair is black. Blackfire is later revealed to be Gemini, a shapeshifting member of the Brotherhood of Justice who was actually spying on the Teen Tyrants.

Teen Tyrants vs Teen Titans


  • The Teen Tyrants did not include any evil versions of Beast Boy or Cyborg. However, Cyborg implies that there must be an evil version of Beast Boy within the Tyrants' universe, "complete with evil fleas."
  • Speedy's and Aqualad's Teen Tyrants' names are from the old comics when they're adults.
  • Red Robin is the persona Dick Grayson took up in the Kingdom Come miniseries.
  • Raven and Herald work together to open up multiple portals to several Earths including:
  1. Slobo and Secret from Young Justice.
  2. The original Teen Titans, referred to as the "Fab Five" (Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Speedy.)
  3. Malchior in Dragon form.
  4. Cyborg (Cyborg the Barbarian).
  5. The Titanimals (episode "Bunny Raven... or ...How to Make A Titananimal Disappear").
  6. Nightwing (the look from "How Long Is Forever?").
  7. Super-D (chibi) versions of the Teen Titans).
  8. Larry.
  9. White Raven (who turns out to be Mirage, Raven's counterpart and member of Killowat's "Team Titans" in his world. The Team Titans also include Nightrider (Nightwing's counterpart) and Batallion (Cyborg's counterpart)).
  • While making the comic, they stated that they messed up on Batallion's coloring and wanted him to have army green.


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