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Mad Mod is a recurring villain and an enemy of the Teen Titans who has no superhuman powers, but remains a formidable enemy through setting up entire worlds of dangerous false realities for the Titans to survive. He does so through technology and the worlds he sets up purposely mocks known physics, history and human principles, while also making references to 1960's British Mod culture, hence his name.

He was a fashion villain in the original DC comic books the animated cartoon was based on, as he used fashion in order to steal goods for himself. While this was different from his character in the animated cartoon, the Teen Titans Go comic issue Naked City references his DC comic book character when he tries to use fashion to hypnotize the citizens.

Mad Mod's first appearance was in the episode Mad Mod.

Mad Mod has no superpowers of his own, but he is a master of technological trickery and employs robots and holographic projectors, which he controls with a ruby-handled cane. In one circumstance, he was able to use such a cane to drain the youth from someone (Robin), making them old and himself young again. He also habitually employs optically induced hypnosis to make his victims submit to his will. Through his hypnosis and holograms, it looked as if he could control both matter and the laws of physics.

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Robin is the leader of the Teen Titans and an extraordinary fighter. Trained by Batman after the death of his parents, Robin meets and befriends four other superheroes, who become the five founding members of the Teen Titans.

Robin is a technological genius; he has designed and created all of the weapons and high-tech gadgets he currently possesses. Robin is a natural leader, and most of his ideas and plans are for the benefit of many, most importantly his teammates and his Tamaranean girlfriend Starfire.

Throughout the series, Robin's most hated enemy is the elusive criminal mastermind Slade, who has clashed with Robin on a number of occasions. Robin's serious attitude and the desire to win every fight is his greatest strength, because it gives him the courage and determination to fight without fear or hesitation. (more...)



Tamaran as seen in Betrothed

Tamaran is a fictional alien planet in the Teen Titans universe. It is where Starfire and her family were born. (more...)

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