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Note: This is referring to the comics based on the 2003 cartoon, not the 2013 cartoon. This wiki does not include content from the 2013 cartoon. These comics are only included because they are part of the same universe as the 2003 cartoon, and thus are considered part of the same continuity.

The cover of issue #9 of Teen Titans Go!, War Machine.

Teen Titans Go! is a comic book series based on the 2003 animated TV series Teen Titans. It often extends from the show, expanding on plot lines the show introduced, and adding new characters. The animated series itself is loosely based on the characters that starred in the popular 1980s comic The New Teen Titans. The series is completely different from the original comics which were written in the 1960s.

The series was written by Joseph Torres, and Todd Nauck and Lary Stucker were the regular illustrators. The series was published by DC Comics.


Most issues were largely self-contained stories, and included a number of characters outside the core group of Robin, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg. Given that character licensing restrictions in DC comics are different to those on the show, J. Torres was able to include characters, such as Wonder Girl, who were not licensed for the TV show.[1] Each issue contained riddles, sight gags and jokes played out by "super deformed" characters outside the page margins.

The series was written to appeal to an all-ages audience that included pre-teen children, the primary audience of the TV series. However, regarding the target audience for the comic, Torres noted that

Quote1.png... As with the show, [we] started out skewed a lot younger... but along the way, I think the producers discovered it was reaching a wider audience. ... [the show] got into some darker storylines, and they introduced a lot more characters, so they expanded on it, and they let the show evolve with the audience, which is what we tried to do with the comic book, as well.Quote2.png
―J. Torres[2]

The series spanned a total of 55 issues, which started in November 2003 and ended in May 2008.

Continuity with the animated series

While the comic's stories stand independently, its issues are done so as not to contradict events established in the animated series' episodes. Often, Teen Titans Go! also references episodes of the show, as well as expanding on parts of the series.

  • Issues #11 and #12 occur during Terra's time with the group, expanding on a flashback from "Aftershock Part 2."
  • In #26 and #40, the issues shows Jinx's time with both H.I.V.E. Five teams. Another instance is with Wonder Girl's appearance in the comics. Her appearance will refer to cameos that she made in Season 5 of the show.
  • Terra, or a schoolgirl who looks exactly like her, appears in a cameo in #34; her backstory and that of her brother Geo-Force is explored in #51. She also makes a cameo in #39 as a doll (T costume) and in a joke as the schoolgirl.
  • In many issues the writers have placed the goth boy from the dance club that talked with Raven in the episode "Sisters."
  • Although in issue # 16 ("Beauty and The Wildebeest") a chibi version of Goth (shown selling Chibi Raven candles from a store named DV8 as a parody of the word "deviate") is shown with no eyebrows and long eyelashes on the left side oddly.
  • Issue #19 as the drummer of Johnny Rancid's band. His official name is never actually stated but he is referred to as Goth by most fans. In issue #19 he wears a shirt with the word "GOTH" printed on it.
  • In issue #42 it is revealed that he works in a arcade, where wears a name tag marked "GOTH BOY." It's not clear whether that is his real name, with "Goth" being his first name and "Boy" as his last name, or if it is merely his nickname. In Teen Titans Go! his design has been changed: he no longer has elongated eyelashes on his left eye like he did in the cartoon; he has regular eyelashes. He also has thick eyebrows as opposed to no eyebrows as seen in the show. He also has thicker hair with hair on the sides and grayish purple eyes. In issue #42 when Raven's Emoticlones run loose on the city the purple emoticlone which represents love/lust flirts with Goth while he is working at the arcade, embarrassing him in front of the other "cast members."
  • Also, Torres mentioned in the letter pages of #34 that not all stories will be set in the present time. Some will even be placed during Season 1. An example of this is the first story in #40, which shows Jinx as part of the H.I.V.E.

Issue Guide

No. Title Guest Heroes Villains
1 Demo None Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, Slade, H.I.V.E. Headmistress
Synopsis: Gizmo creates a way to study the Titans' abilities and weaknesses through an online fight game. Now Gizmo, Jinx and Mammoth can use what they learned in battle against the Titans.
2 The Beast Boy Who Cried Wolf None Gordanians
Synopsis: Beast Boy's constant jokes are angering the other Titans. When Starfire is chased by Gordanians, no one believes BB when he says their teammate is in trouble.
3 Lame Sarah Simms Cinderblock
Synopsis: Even being a hero, Cyborg has many problems with the Titans' fans: they consider him very "freaky" and "scary". This changes only when he meets Sarah, a volunteer who looks after deficient children.
4 My Crummy Valentine Goth Boy Puppet King
Synopsis: It's Valentine's Day, so Cyborg and Beast Boy encourage Robin to take Starfire out on a date, only to show her the "true meaning" of this day. However, Puppet King intends something to this date.
5 Monster Zit None Trigon (not the true Trigon, but a manifestation of Raven's anger)
Synopsis: Raven's got the father of all zits! And while her team tries to be helpful, they only stress her out further, causing the blemish to become an entity of its own!
6 Storm Thunder and Lightning None
Synopsis: Thunder and Lightning begin a fight above the city. Their powers are breaking everything and creating tumult. What's worse, the Titans, instead of stopping the fight, end up joining it.
7 How You Play the Game None Blackfire
Synopsis: Blackfire returns to Earth to make amends with Starfire, and challenge her to a friendly race across the city. The other Titans don't trust Blackfire, so they will follow this race closely.
8 Naked City None Mad Mod
Synopsis: Mad Mod, disguised as a stylist, gave some clothes to the heroes. These clothes hypnotize whoever wears them. Every citizen also buys Mad Mod's clothes, because of the Titans' popularity with them. First work of Adam Beechen as writer, Erik Vedder as penciller and M3th as inker in an issue.
9 War Machine Fixit Jinx (cameo), Mammoth (cameo), Gizmo
Synopsis: Gizmo becomes a hard opponent for the Titans, because of his stolen tech. So, Cyborg begs help to Fixit and his upgrades. However, when Gizmo builds a giant robot, only the "Titans Go-Bot 5" can help them.
10 Finding Nero Aqualad, Terra (cameo), Speedy (cameo), Gill Girl None
Synopsis: A strange aquatic creature is scaring the people at the Jump City Bay and seeking something. Nevertheless, the only thing that Starfire and Raven are thinking at moment is "Does Aqualad have a girlfriend?"
11 Countdown Terra Slade and minions
Synopsis: Before the events in "Betrayal", Terra already gained the trust of the Titans; until she's supposedly kidnapped by Slade. As the fans must know, it's just a trap.

Notes: First issue with a letters column.

12 Magic & Misdirection Terra Mumbo
Synopsis: Mumbo wants to do his thefts without the Titans' interference. So, he makes many magics and tricks to keep them busy. (The ending of this adventure is shown as a flashback in "Aftershock - Part 2")
13 What Time is it, Mr. Wolf? Mr. Wolf, Goth boy, Sarah Simms Mr. Wolf (werewolf)
Synopsis: An ill man named Mr. Wolf begs help to the Titans: a place to stay at the Halloween's full moon night because it seems that they're the only ones who can... handle his illness. Beast Boy was chosen to watch over him.
14 If You Can't Beat 'Em... Speedy Plasmus
Synopsis: Speedy appears to help the Titans against Plasmus. But Plasmus chugs plenty of toxic sludge, and is more dangerous: now, when it's damaged, its pieces become minor monsters.
15 Pop Quiz None Kitten, Kwiz Kid, Killer Moth
Synopsis: A new villain called Kwiz Kid kidnapped Kitten. To find them, Robin has to seek various clues and riddles spread in all the city.
16 Beauty & the Wildebeest Wildebeest, Goth Boy (chibi), Fixit (chibi), Terra (chibi), Thunder & Lightning (chibis) Rock, Paper, Scissors, H.I.V.E. Headmistress
Synopsis: Walking in the shopping mall, Starfire finds a little boy, seemingly lost and alone. They don't know that they are followed by three new villains. Although, these three also don't know this child. Penciller: Mike Horton.
17 Anger Management Hot Spot Adonis
Synopsis: Hot Spot needs to control his angry temperament, so the Titans try many ways to get it. (Story is specifically set after the episode "The Beast Within".)
18 When Chibis Attack Larry, Tween Titans, Chibis of Thunder & Lightning. Kardiak, Chibis of Slade, Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, Mad Mod, Blackfire, Cinderblock, Killer Moth, Kitten, Kwiz Kid, Gordanians, Slade Commandos, Puppet King, Plasmus, and Mumbo
Synopsis: Suddenly, chibis of the Titans appear without explanation. Who's to blame is Larry and his allergy: when he was reading his comic book (Teen Titans Go!, maybe...), he sneezed and the characters went out of it.

Notes: J. Torres and Todd Nauck appear in the last page of the story, in the "real" world, and all three regular creators appear as chibis.

19 Song of the Dead Goth boy The Agent, Johnny Rancid
Synopsis: Someone gave Johnny Rancid what he asked for: to sing with a rock band. However, in every place that he makes a concert, appear brain-eater zombies.
20 Secret Moves Bumblebee, Más y Menos, Aqualad, Speedy, Sarah Simms (chibi), Terra (actually just a game character). Atlas, Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth (cameo), Blackfire, Terra (actually just game characters).
Synopsis: Atlas appears in the online fight game to challenge Cyborg again. The plan was suck Cy inside of the game. Nevertheless, who "enter" in it are Starfire, Raven and other girls.
21 Garsaurus REX Attacks!! Bumblebee, Aqualad, Más y Menos, Speedy Professor Chang, Garsaurus Rex, Slade (cameo), Brother Blood (cameo), Phobia (cameo), Control Freak (cameo), Kwiz Kid (cameo), The Brain (cameo), Giant Eyeball (cameo)
Synopsis: Chang creates a weapon that causes transmutations in its targets. The result is the creation of a big monster what is destroying all the city. Second appearance of the Titans Go-Bot 5.
22 The Book/Listen True Master (Listen) Slade (Listen)
The first issue with two stories.

Synopsis: "The Book": Raven lends the Titans her most terrifying book. Nevertheless, she doesn't want lend it to Beast Boy, because he's very fearful. Then, he decides to "borrow" it and sneak out. Penciller: Sean Galloway </br>"Listen": Robin is training with the True Master when he is attacked by robot commandos disguised as monks. Slade appears to fight! Penciller: Khary Randolph.

23 Knockoff! None Red X (actually robots), Control Freak
Synopsis: Red X reappears in the city, but seems what he can be in many places at the same time now. Besides, his new thefts are very strange. Then, maybe it isn't Red X.
24 Power Failure Speedy (chibi), Aqualad (chibi) Katarou, Master of Games (just as remembrance)
Synopsis: Katarou finds the gem used by the Master of Games and try trap warriors and use their powers. In the battle, the gem is broken and it changes the powers of the Titans. Now, they must learn with each other's powers.
25 Secret Santa Mr. Wolf (from #13), Titans East (via satellite TV) Billy Numerous
Synopsis: During Christmas, the Titans need stop a Billy Numerous' thefts. After they resolve it, the heroes go back to the Tower and exchange gifts in a "Secret Santa".
26 Call of the Wild None The H.I.V.E. Five (Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, See-More, and Private H.I.V.E.)
Synopsis: Beast Boy is invited to participate in a movie called "Jungle Boy". While the changeling is busy with scenes and recordings, the other Titans need to stop the H.I.V.E. Five.
27 Love is a Battlefield Sarah Simms, Aqualad (chibi), Gill Girl (chibi), Goth boy (chibi), Más y Menos (chibis) Jinx, Overload, Kwiz Kid (chibi), Kitten (chibi)
Synopsis: During a battle, Overload hides itself inside Cyborg's body, leaving him "unplugged". In this condition, Cy needs to go on a date with Sarah; but Jinx (full of jealousy) will do anything to stop this.
28 Surprises Mento, Elasti-Girl, Robot Man, Negative Man Madame Rouge (cameo), Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man
Synopsis: It's Beast Boy's birthday, and the Titans and the Doom Patrol are making a surprise party. While they prepare, the Titans and the readers hear some stories about the little green kid.

Notes: The remembrance with Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man is eventually a homage to the comic book My Greatest Adventure, the first appearance of the Doom Patrol in the DC Universe.

29 Who Wants Pie? Bumblebee, Aqualad (chibi), Lightning (chibi), Más y Menos (chibi), Kid Flash (chibi) Mother Mae-Eye, Brain, Slade (chibi), Control Freak (chibi), Killer Moth (chibi), Mumbo (chibi), Atlas (chibi)
Synopsis: Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire are all contestants on "Who Wants Pie?", the new game show sensation. If the Titans want to get out alive and out of the host's control, they'll have to solve a bunch of puzzles and brain-teasers.
30 Slings & Arrows/The Battery Speedy, Aqualad (Slings & Arrows) Trident (Slings & Arrows); Dr. Light, Professor Chang (The Battery)
Synopsis: "Slings & Arrows": Aqualad and Speedy fight Trident and his mind-controlled squid. "The Battery": Dr. Light tries to steal Cyborg's battery.
31 Night Time Nightwing, White Raven (cameo), Older Beast Boy (cameo), Older Cyborg Warp
Synopsis: In a sequel to the episode "How Long Is Forever", Nightwing travels back to the Titans' time to straighten out Warp's meddling with Robin's past.
32 Arena Kole, Gnarrk, Pantha, Herald, Tramm, Aqualad The Lanista, General Immortus, Private H.I.V.E.
Synopsis: One Titan after another is being kidnapped and forced to fight Private H.I.V.E., in training as a gladiator.
33 The Strangest Sports Story Ever Told Bumblebee, Aqualad, Speedy, Más y Menos, Fixit, Jinx (chibi) Atlas, Control Freak, Plasmus, Slade Commando, Mumbo, Puppet King, Captain Pegleg Jack, Killer Moth, Steamroller, Mother Mae-Eye (chibi), The Brain, Monsieur Mallah, Kitten
Synopsis: An all-villain team challenges the Titans to a very unfriendly game of baseball, with the safety of Jump City at stake.
34 The Great Race Jinx, Kid Flash, Speedy, Aqualad, Argent, Más y Menos, Schoolgirl (Terra; cameo), Bumblebee, Bushido, Doom Patrol, Wonder Girl (cameo) Cheshire, Punk Rocket, Ding Dong Daddy (cameo)
Synopsis: Kid Flash challenges Más y Menos to a race around the world as a charity fundraiser, but they have to get through both villains and groupies to reach the finish line.
35 Enemy of My Enemy None Private H.I.V.E., General Immortus, Slade's commandos, and cameo appearances for Brother Blood, Hive Wrestler, Gizmo, Mammoth, Jinx, & See-More
A continuation of #32.

Synopsis: Now that Private H.I.V.E. has been cast out of the Lanista's arena in disgrace, General Immortus recruits him for an assault on Titans Tower.

36 Troy Wonder Girl (first appearance), Speedy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Jinx, Pantha, Kole, Argent, Bumblebee, and cameo appearances for Más y Menos, Gnarrk, Herald, Thunder & Lightning Blackfire, Gordanians
Synopsis: The Titans race to stop the Gordanians from kidnapping all of the world's female heroes to sell them into slavery.
37 Winterlude (includes a story from sparktop.org) Sara Hunter (Story from Sparktop) Mumbo
38 It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World None Mad Mod
Synopsis: Mad Mod tries to make the Titans even more famous by selling their merchandise and making them celebrities.
39 Stupid Cupid Wonder Girl, Jinx, Sarah Simms, Mas Y Menos, Pantha, Wildebeest, Kid Flash, Argent, Bumblebee, Herald, Speedy, Larry, Red Star (chibi), Bushido (chibi), Hot Spot (chibi) Kitten, Andre Le Blanc, Cheshire, Monseuir Mallah (chibi).

Larry takes cuspids belongings and makes the titans fall in love.

This story is specifically set after the DTV Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo.

Synopsis: Larry takes it upon himself to play matchmaker, pairing up couples that he thinks should be together. This remarks how annoying 'shipping' is to the writers.

40 Nearly Nabbed Me/Lightning in a Bottle Thunder & Lightning (Lightning in a Bottle) The H.I.V.E. Five: Jinx (before reformation), Gizmo, Mammoth, Kyd Wykkyd (actually Raven in disguise), Billy Numerous, (Nearly Nabbed Me); Professor Chang (Lightning in a Bottle)
Synopsis: The H.I.V.E. Five tell each other stories of how they barely escaped the Titans; Professor Chang tries to capture Lightning and sell him as a genie.
41 Bad Girls Titans East, Argent, Jericho, Red Star, Wonder Girl, cameo chibis: Kid Flash, Control Freak, General Immortus, Ding Dong Daddy Mad Maud, Pink X, Joy Stick, Marionette, Daughter Blood (all of whom are actually Kitten in disguise), Killer Moth
Synopsis: New female villains are suddenly causing chaos all over the world, with each claiming to be the daughter of one of the Titans' enemies.
42 Pieces of Me Jericho, Melvin, Timmy, Teether, Raven Emoticlones Red Raven, XL Terrestrial
Synopsis: An accident causes Raven's personality to split into the "Emoticlones" seen in the TV episode "Nevermore." As they run wild through Jump City, it falls to Jericho to help round them up and put Raven back together.
43 The Fearsome Five Jinx, Kid Flash The Fearsome Five (including Psimon, Dr. Light, Jinx (undercover for the Titans), Gizmo, Mammoth, Cinderblock, Private H.I.V.E., Angel, XL Terrestrial, See-More, Billy Numerous, Kyd Wykkyd, Wrestling Star, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Control Freak, Steamroller, Adonis, Kwiz Kid
Synopsis: Psimon holds tryouts to assemble a new team of villains that can take the Titans down. Jinx officially gets a Titans Communicator.
44 Red Raven Arella Red Raven, Kitten, Killer Moth
A continuation of #42.

Synopsis: Raven has been a bit too cheerful since the end of #42; the part of her that represents Trigon's evil is still on the loose. Like it or not, she has to re-integrate that facet back into her mind if she wants to be herself again.

45 Biography of a Beast Boy/Cyborg's Story Cyborg's and Beast Boy's parents, Doom Patrol, Justice League (including Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Zatanna, Shayera Hol (Hawkgirl), Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Black Canary, Captain Atom, Atom, Mary Marvel), Sarah Simms Stone (flashback to "Deception"), Jinx (flashback took place during "Deception"), Cinderblock (flashback took place during "Lame")
Synopsis: Origins revealed for Beast Boy and Cyborg.
46 Wildfire (issue) Wonder Girl, Jinx, Kid Flash, Red Star, Galfore, Starfire's parents, Wildfire (only in flashbacks) Blackfire, Wildfire (Actually Madame Rouge), Gordanian army
Starfire's origin is revealed.

Synopsis: Starfire's long-lost brother Wildfire comes to Earth for a visit, but his strange behavior turns the family reunion into a free-for-all.

47 Regarding Robin/One Morning Batman, The Flying Graysons (brief flashback) Gizmo
Synopsis: It is the day that Robin's parents died, and he is sad throughout the whole issue. While the other Titans try and cheer him up, Batman makes a special cameo.
48 Wrong Place, Wrong Time Killowat, Herald, Mirage, Dagon, Brotherhood of Justice Teen Tyrants (Red Robin, Tempest, Red Raven, Arsenal, Blackfire)
Synopsis: Killowat (incorrectly spelled as "Kilowatt" throughout) has his origins detailed. He was pulled into the Titans' universe after Raven rescued him. After working with them for years, Raven found a way to restore him to his universe. However, she put him in a different universe, where he is in trouble, and the Titans have to rescue him. Notes: Blackfire is actually Gemini, working undercover for the Brotherhood of Justice.
49 Legacy Aqualad, Tramm, Kid Flash, Jinx Wintergreen, Professor Chang, Gizmo, Mammoth, Ravager (Rose Wilson)
Synopsis: The Ravager arrives in Jump City to take over the estate of her father (Slade) and carry on his vendetta against the Titans.

Notes: The Ravager wears a hood with the left eye covered, reflecting the one she gouged out in DC continuity. However, she eventually removes it to reveal two healthy eyes.

50 Graduation Day Bumblebee, Aqualad, Speedy, Kid Flash, Argent, Jericho, Kole, Gnarrk, Herald, Wonder Girl, Red Star, Lightning, Bushido, Silkie Private H.I.V.E. (now Sergeant H.I.V.E.), Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, See-More (all in flashback), General Immortus, Army Brats
A continuation of #32 and #35, and the introduction of the Titans' worldwide training program.

Synopsis: Having been abandoned by both the Lanista and General Immortus, Private H.I.V.E. gives himself a promotion and trains a new squad of supervillains as his foot soldiers.

51 Metamorphosis Terra, Geo-Force General Immortus, Slade
Origins of Terra and Geo-Force.

Synopsis: Terra's brother Geo-Force storms into Jump City looking for her, but is surprised to learn of the events surrounding her time with the Titans.

52 Dial H for Hero Robby Reed (alias Changeling, Power Boy, Lagoon Boy, Jesse Quick), Kid Flash, Jinx Punk Rocket, Billy Numerous
Synopsis: New heroes start popping up all over Jump City at the same time that the Titans' own powers begin to fail them.
53 Wacky Wednesday/Hot & Cold Doom Patrol, Kid Flash, Jinx Kid Kold, Ice Kate
Synopsis: "Wacky Wednesday": Elastigirl recalls an incident during Beast Boy's Doom Patrol days in which Mento and Beast Boy accidentally traded bodies. "Hot & Cold": Kid Flash and Jinx run into a pair of villains, one of whom used to be Jinx's boyfriend. Jinx and Kid Flash eventually share their first kiss.

Note: Beast Boy's full name is given as Garfield Mark Logan in this issue.

54 Makes You Wonder Pantha, Bumblebee, Aqualad, Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) Trident
Synopsis: An ambitious high school student is determined to prove herself as a worthy partner for Wonder Woman, even if she has to go right through Wonder Girl to do it.
55 When There's Trouble... Melvin, Soldier Boy, Soldier Girl, Protector, Fixit, Cassie Sandsmark, Doom Patrol, Flamebird, Mirage, Pantha (Chibi), Kole (Chibi), Argent (Chibi) (in the Titans' dreams) Mr. Wolf, Gordanians, Blackfire (in the Titans' dreams), Phobia, Brain, Monsieur Mallah, The H.I.V.E (Gizmo, Mammoth, Billy Numerous, See-More, Private H.I.V.E., and Kyd Wykkyd. All chibi cameos)
Synopsis: Phobia appears in Titans Tower twisting the Titans' dreams into nightmares in order to paralyze them with their own worst fears.

Trade Paperback Collections

Vol. Title Material collected ISBN Notes
1 Truth, Justice, Pizza! Teen Titans Go! #1-5 ISBN 1-4012-0333-7 Digest size
2 Heroes on Patrol Teen Titans Go! #6-10 ISBN 1-4012-0334-5 Digest size
3 Bring it On! Teen Titans Go! #11-15 ISBN 1-4012-0511-9 Digest size
4 Ready for Action Teen Titans Go! #16-20 ISBN 1-4012-0985-8 Digest size
5 On the Move! Teen Titans Go! #21-25 ISBN 1-4012-0986-6 Digest size
6 Titans Together! Teen Titans Go! #26-32 ISBN 1-4012-1563-7 Trade paperback

Comic-Exclusive Characters

Below are a list of characters that appear in the comics series, but not in the animated series.

Wonder Girl

Made a cameo in issue #34 ("The Great Race"); had her first full appearance in #36 ("Troy") where she helps the Titans against Blackfire's plot to sell all the female titans into slavery. She appears with the classic Teen Titans (Robin, Aqualad, Speedy, and Kid Flash) and their chibi-selves dress in their original costumes. She also makes an appearance in #39 ("Stupid Cupid") helping Cupid get his wings and arrows back from Larry, who has stolen them to make various Titans hook up with each other.


He made an appearance in issue #46 of Teen Titans Go!; and was revealed to be the younger brother of Blackfire and Starfire. He had been sent away from home by his parents to protect him from the Gordanians and to preserve the royal family line. Everyone except Blackfire was heartbroken by this decision, and preserved the big secret to keep him safe. He supposedly returned to visit Starfire on Earth, but he turned out to be Madame Rogue in disguise, it remains unclear how this was set up in the first place. When Starfire learns the truth that her brother had not truly returned, she figured that it was Blackfire behind the evil scheme. Starfire finally snapped that her big sister would resort to pulling such a cruel stunt just to get rid of her and her friends. She cuts all family ties with her and realizes how important family is to her, and then she swears to find Wildfire one day because he is the only family she has left. Blackfire then looks down seemingly in a mournful way, it could be that she knows that Wildfire is still out there somewhere in the galaxy and may truly reunite with Starfire one day.

In the original comics, Wildfire is with a group of alien freedom fighters called The Omega Men. So in theory, he has been with them this whole time fighting against The Citadel as mentioned in the Teen Titans episode "Go!". His current whereabouts remain unknown.

Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man

Had a cameo appearance in issue #28 of Teen Titans Go!. The Doom Patrol discuss a battle they (along with a younger Beast Boy) had with Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man. He makes a full appearance on page 10, which itself is a based on the cover of the My Greatest Adventure comic.

Sarah Simms

Sarah's character in Teen Titans Go! to has appeared in many issues starting with the third issue #3 ("Lame") where she was playing baseball with a group of children who have prosthetic limbs and her group of encouraged Cyborg when he was depressed after a kid called him lame. Cy and Sarah both were very attracted to each other. As the Titans were leaving, she told Cy to call her. Sarah appeared in issue #13 ("What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf") where she was trick-or-treating with Cy and the same group of children though their date was cut short when Cy needed to help control Mr. Wolf.

Sarah appeared in #20 ("Secret Moves") where her date with Cyborg was cut short once again. In #27 ("Love is A Battlefield") she and Jinx fight over Cyborg, but the comic ends with both leaving him due to a confusion when he is possessed by Overload. Sarah returned to Cyborg in #39 ("Stupid Cupid"), where she and Cyborg went on a double date with Starfire and Robin. In #45 she, Beast Boy, and Cyborg supervise the handicapped children on a camping trip that Cyborg agreed to do prior to their break up. In the first part of the story, Beast Boy tells his origin to Sarah and the kids by the campfire. The second part has Cyborg talking to Sarah and tells her about his life before to joining the Titans. Sarah explained that she left him because she thought that he didn't care, due to Cyborg never telling her when he would be out on missions for weeks. Cy says he should have been more considerate and open with her and then tells her his origin. After, he tells her that she saw past his cybernetic parts and understood him and he could relate with her. He also says that they met in another life (a reference to Sarasim in the episode "Cyborg the Barbarian"). He asks her if she'd give him a second chance and she tells him that she'll be attending college soon, and Cyborg promises her he'll keep in touch through cellphone, e-mail, text, or even smoke signals (he calls himself as a walking communication center). Sarah happily agrees to make up, and the two hug. Cy happily tells Sarah that he thinks Robin can get a T-communicator for her. The story ends with them embracing, and Beast Boy teasing them like he did in the issue they met.

Justice League (Cameo)

Teen Titans Go! #45 has Beast Boy relating his origin to some children at camp, though he goes outside the facts a few times, such as claiming to have been in the Justice League. The members who appear in his fantasy are: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Supergirl, Captain Atom, Mary Marvel, Aquaman, Atom, Black Canary and Zatanna.

  • Batman narrates Dick Grayson/Robin's origin in Teen Titans Go! #47, though he does not appear until the last page of the story.
Kimiyo Hoshi/Doctor Light

In an attempt at helping Kilowat to return to his home dimension, The Titans end up in a reality which is home to the Teen Tyrants (Their evil counterparts). They are aided in the fight against The Tyrants by The Brotherhood of Justice (counterparts to The Brotherhood Of Evil). Among The Brotherhood is Kimiyo Hoshi/Doctor Light.

Rose Wilson (as the Ravager)

She comes to Jump City in issue #49 and announces herself as Slade's daughter, intending to claim his possessions and carry on his battle against the Titans. However, they convince her that she can make her own choices in life; she then accepts their invitation to stay with them while she sorts everything out.


He storms into Jump City in issue #51, looking for his sister Terra. Once the Titans calm him down, they learn of the pair's childhood in Markovia and the experiments that gave them their powers. From a distance, he sees Terra--or the schoolgirl who looks exactly like her--on the Murakami School campus. Satisfied that she appears to be happier than she ever was as a child, he leaves without talking to her.

Robby Reed

This version of the character unknowingly drew his powers from other heroes who were close by. After discovering the source of his powers, Robby giving up his dial and signing up for Cyborg's New Teen Titan's Training program. His identities in the issue were:

  • Changeling- The powers came from Beast Boy.
  • Lagoon Boy- The powers came from Aqualad.
  • Jesse Quick- The powers came from Kid Flash.
  • Power Boy- The powers came from Wonder Girl.
  • The Protector- The powers came from Robin.
Cassie Sandsmark

She appears in #54, styling herself as a replacement for Wonder Girl. Her powers (strength, speed, flying) come from two stolen artifacts, the Gauntlet of Atlas and the Sandals of Hermes. She barges into an athletic tournament on Paradise Island, intending to challenge Wonder Girl one-on-one, but ends up saving her from an assault by Trident instead. At the issue's end, she is offered a chance to join the Titans' training program, once her mother is through punishing her for stealing the artifacts.

Cassie has a brief appearance in #55, catching Cyborg off guard with a surprise attack in what turns out to be a very bad dream caused by Phobia.



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