Teen Titans is a video game created for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube, and released in 2006. It is the second video game based on the Teen Titans franchise. It was preceded by Teen Titans on the Game Boy Advance in 2005, and later succeeded by Teen Titans 2, released in 2006 for the Game Boy Advance. While this game uses assets, references and character stories from the TV Series, the game is by no means connected to the TV Series; however, it still remains part of its universe.


The Titans receive a video game starring themselves, and Beast Boy and Cyborg immediately start playing it. While playing, the Titans experience a flash and then are attacked by H.I.V.E. soldiers. The Titans are attacked by multiple villains they've already put in jail, and then find out they've been trapped in the game they were sent. They battle villains including: Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, Mumbo, Plasmus, Cinderblock, one of Mumbo's bunnies, Ternion, and Slade. Robin thought it was Slade who sent them the game, only to find out he's a fictional character as well. They then encounter the Master of Games, who then is discovered to be fake, too. The Titans then find out it was the Player who was controlling them, and they break the fourth wall by talking to them. The game ends with Raven sensing that they were still being watched, and Beast Boy offering the player to play again.

Playable Characters

All of the playable characters.

In "Master of Games" mode, the player can go up against other players and computer-controlled opponents. The unlockable and playable characters are:

(An asterisk means a character has the same exact powers as another character, detailed in the following parenthesis.)

Playable Arenas


Connections to the TV Series

While this game has references and connections to the TV Series; it does not tie into the TV Series itself. However, there are many indications on when this video-game is set, while their could be many reasons why this game isn't connected to the TV Series much is unknown. The following points below tells you what is referenced, please note, some of this could be just a coincidence:

  • Slade in the game has his powers from Trigon, this is from Season 4.
  • Titans Tower got a revamp, this is likely after the events of Trouble in Tokyo.
  • This game is likely set after Trouble in Tokyo as this game released on November 10th 2006 internationally at the time. Trouble In Tokyo aired on September 15th, 2006.


  • An image of Raven can only be found in the Gamecube cover, but not for PS2 or Xbox.


  • In Teen Titans, Jinx appears to have no eyebrows, but in the game, she appears to have eyebrows.



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