This is the transcript for the short "Taped Before a Live Studio Audience".


(Opening shot: In the Ops room, Cyborg with a GameStation controller and Robin with a TV remote on the Ops room sofa presses their device buttons at the same time)

Cyborg: I'm trying to play a game here.

Robin: And I'm trying to watch TV.

Cyborg: Well, it's my TV!

Robin: Then get your butt off my sofa!

(Sparks fly between their eyes with veins throbbing on their foreheads. Later, Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire, enters the room, and they find Cyborg and Robin laying tape at their doorstep)

Starfire: Huh?

Beast Boy: Is that tape?

(The camera zooms out to reveal that the tape had been laid out halfway across the entire Ops room)

Cyborg: Over here, you're my friends. (pulls Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire to his side of the tape)

Robin: No, they're mine. (pulls the trio over to his side. Now both Cyborg and Robin gets into a tug-of-war between their friends, before smashing their heads into one another)

(Night, Jump City. Cyborg and Robin are now out in the streets with the Brain standing in between them)

Robin: He's my nemesis!

Cyborg: Mine!

Beast Boy: Uh, guys! (He pops out from the top of the screen, taped from head)

(Begins a montage of various items and characters being taped:
Starting with the Brain, taped from the head down.
Cyborg pulls out a piece of tape from the roll with a vein on his forehead, with Robin doing the same at the next shot.
Later a T-ship gets taped.
Then a cow gets taped, before turning to the camera and moos.
Next at a diner, Cyborg and Robin stares at a piece of donut, then at each other, angrily.
Unsurprisingly the donut gets taped as well.
Back in the Titans tower, Silkie tries to run away from the hands of Cyborg and Robin, but not quick enough for them to tug the mascot over.
Now Más y Menos shows up near the Ops room door, looking frightened as both the Titans are seen approaching the twins with tape on their hands.
The screen turns black for a short moment, but not without tape from top down.
Next, Raven falls victim to the tape as well.
Another black screen shows the tape going from bottom up.
Then Silkie is dropped onto the Ops room floor being taped from its head down.
Starfire was not spared from the tape either. She shrieks as the tape gets pasted on her.
Back in the Ops room, Más y Menos have been separated by more tape laid on the floor. The twins hang their heads in sadness, while Cyborg and Robin appears to be proud of their work.
Finally, both the Titans find an unclaimed roll of tape outside the Tower. Both launch themselves onto the tape, placing their hands on the roll of tape, then making a death stare against each other. The camera now turns to a view of the entire Earth. With the sound of tape being pulled out from its roll, an explosion occurs and the Earth is obliterated. The Titans are now seen falling in space along with earthly debris.)

Cyborg: You can't divide tape with tape! You created a paradox!

Robin: You did!

(Both falls out of the screen)

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