Taped Before a Live Studio Audience is the seventh episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.



Cyborg and Robin locked in a tape off

Cyborg tries to play a video game, while Robin wanted to watch TV at the same time, sprouting an argument of who owns the TV, sofa and other items. Later, as Beast Boy, Raven and Stafire enters the Ops room, they see Cyborg and Robin marking lines across the room with tape. The duo each tugs the other Titans into their side of the tape, claiming them as each other's friend. They eventually started taping up everything they came across; the Titans, the T-Ship, The Brain, Silkie, Más y Menos, a cow, even a doughnut.

In the end, both Cyborg and Robin tried claiming the roll of tape itself with tape, creating a paradox which blew up the entire planet, blaming one another for the disaster.




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