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Tamaran is a fictional, far away planet in the Teen Titans and DC universe that is the home world of the superheroine, Starfire, her criminally evil elder sister Blackfire, and her long-lost younger brother, Wildfire. Her dear parents, the Emperor and Empress of Tamaran, had ruled the world gracefully but had tragically died when their youngest daughter was a small child.


Tamaran invaded by the evil Gordanians.

Many years ago, during Princess Starfire's childhood, Tamaran was invaded by a Gordanian invasion fleet which proceeded to lay waste to the planet turning it from a beautiful oasis to an empty desert. When the king and queen realized that the Gordanians might take over their planet, they decided to send Wildfire away to preserve the royal family line. All of this was kept strictly secret so that Wildfire could remain safe and alive from the Gordanians to preserve the Tamarnian royal bloodline; that even Starfire didn't tell her teammates about him until recently. Later on, Blackfire betrayed her own planet by siding with the enemy. She 'negotiated' a truce, that involved making Starfire, her own sister, a slave of the Gordanians. As the last of the Tamaranean troops surrendered, both the Emperor and Empress fell fatally ill from a broken heart. The day Starfire was picked up by the Gordanian slavers was the last day she saw her beloved parents alive, and younger brother for several years.

As the royal family began to crumble, Tamaran was left in turmoil with no leader to guide them. Later the criminal princess Blackfire had returned to her people and deceived them into believing that the planet was under attack again by foreign invaders, and the only way to end the attack was to have the long-lost Princess Starfire return home and marry the head of the armada and exulted Drenthax IV ruler Glgrdsklechhh; this was all a scheme, however, between Blackfire and Glgrdsklechhh so she could gain the Jewel of Charta and he could marry Starfire. Luckily this plan was dissolved thanks to the aid of the Teen Titans, and with Blackfire's cruel reign over Starfire was chosen as the new grand ruler, but in favor of her friendship with the Titans - and something more - she declined this position and gave it to her knorfka (caretaker, adoptive father) Galfore, thus making him the new grand ruler and Emperor in her stead.

Certain other aliens are prejudiced against Tamaraneans because even though they are a strong and proud race, their peaceful ways leave them very unprepared when invaders arrive. So they deem them inferior, as illustrated in the episode "Troq", when Val-Yor called Starfire "Troq", meaning that in his eyes she was worthless, essentially "nothing", apparently indicating that Earth and the Swamp Moons of Drenthax IV are not the only worlds to have certain knowledge and prejudiced resentment and hatred of the Tamaraneans' existence.


Tamaran also possesses a canyon-like landscape.

Tamaran was once a lush and beautiful tropical planet until the day the Gordanian invasion fleet came and laid waste to the natural flora of the planet leaving it a desert wasteland. Prior to the invasion, Tamaran seemed to have lush green fields and trees like those on earth and flowers of pink and purple color and skies of blue with yellow clouds, but after the invasion the planet's terrain turned from a normal dirt brown to purple with bare cliffs and rock formations being the only features on the planet for miles on end. Even the sky and the clouds were affected having now become dark purple in both night and day.

The Royal Palace in Tamaran.

Still, some small life of Tamaran's former flora can still be found within the royal castle, and some of the fauna still continues to exist. Apparently, its air and atmospheric conditions are similar to that of Earth, since humans from Earth are capable of easily breathing without special equipment. The only known Tamaranean architecture is the Royal Palace.


Teen Titans Go!


A Portkin (left) and a Flarnop (right).

  • Flarnop: A Tamaranean creature that looks like a giant, mutated Domo-kun.
  • Glorg: Some type of carnivorous creature that likes to feed on Zarnics.
  • Portkin: A Tamaranean creature that resembles Jek Tono Porkins from the Star Wars franchise with an orange dinosaur body. They are about six times the size of Starfire and, as she puts it, "as big as a Flarnop!"
  • Stinermite: A type of Tamaranean parasite.
  • Zarnic: A type of pet Starfire once had, which was eaten by a Glorg.
  • Spudlings: A type of slime creature consumed on Tamaran as live food.
  • Zornian muck beetle: An apparently disgusting insect with a slimy underside.
  • Grisnek: Unspecified creature. Origin of the Tamaranean phrase, "The grisnek has got your tongue" (a pun on the Earth phrase "The cat has got your tongue")
  • Flanorgla flies: Unspecified creature, possibly similar to Earth fireflies, that shines brightly. The lights of Tokyo remind Starfire of the creature on first look at the city.
  • Snervian blork worm: Unspecified creature. They apparently have very foul smelling breath, as Starfire states she smells like the creature's breath when she and Raven fall from the sky into a pile of garbage.
  • Glorkaroach: Unspecified, but apparently insectoid creature and part of the Tamaranean diet. In "The End - Part 1", Starfire comments on how Raven's terrible pancakes remind her of incinerated Glorkaroaches (Burnt on the outside yet runny on the inside, just like the incinerated Glorkaroaches of my home world).


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