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The T-Car is a vehicle created by Cyborg as the Teen Titans' main mode of land transportation.


The T-Car is a custom-built vehicle which is constructed with the same technology as Cyborg's robotic components, making it compatible with his systems and allowing him to interface with it for improved control (making him "feel the road"). It is powered by a 100,000 horsepower plasma turbine engine, making its (theoretical) performance unsurpassed in comparison to other land vehicles. A nitro booster is fitted into the rear portion of the car for speed bursts, and for movement across water and rough terrain it is fitted with hover jets in the axles and wheel hubs.

The T-Car also features several defensive and offensive weapons, including a roof-mounted pivoting proton cannon, twin front-mounted sonic blasters, plus rear-firing oil slicks and smoke emitters. Otherwise, it sports the same commodities as a normal car.

The exact technical details and performance rates of the T-Car are unknown, and since Cyborg regularly spends time improving and upgrading it, the features and performance values listed here may not be constant. The body of the car looks to be a 2005 Infiniti FX35, but heavily modified.


The T-Car was the subject of "Car Trouble", its first appearance. After Cyborg leaves the vehicle outside Cook's Electronics to fight Overload, Sammy and Cash took the opportunity to undo the car locks and steals the vehicle, giving it a new paint job and racing with it in the Crash Alley against Gizmo. Despite winning the race, Gizmo traps the duo and leaves with the T-Car for himself. With Raven's help, Cyborg gives chase, only for Gizmo to crash the T-Car into a prison van, which coincidentally contains Overload. Overload then takes possession of the car and dashes towards Cyborg, before being destroyed by the creator himself. A replacement T-Car was built at the end of the episode.

The T-Car was used as a race against Ding Dong Daddy to reclaim Robin's briefcase in "Revved Up". Nearly all of its components and hull were stripped by the DDD Minions during the race, leaving only a pair of wheels surviving.

List of drivers

Although Cyborg is the main driver of the T-Car, there were other characters who had operated the vehicle.


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