Stupid Cupid is issue #39 of Teen Titans Go!.


In this issue, after finding out that Robin and Starfire have finally become a couple, Larry decides that it is his responsibility to pair up the Titans on Valentines Day. Many people are affected, including Speedy and Cheshire. They were in mid battle when Larry shot them with love arrows, making them fall in love. Herald and Bumblebee also fall in love while fighting Andre Le Blanc. Jinx and Kid Flash escaped, but Larry had shot other women, (one was an little woman) causing them to fall in love with Kid Flash. Jinx had her hands full trying to get people to stop flirting with her boyfriend while the others teamed up and took down Larry. Wonder Girl made him apologize and turned everyone back to normal. Speedy and Cheshire were seen in the Titans Tower sharing one last romantic moment. Cheshire takes of her mask and reveals her face to Speedy, but it is hidden from the reader.




  • This issue takes place sometime after the events of the series finale movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo.
  • This issue addresses the creators irritation with "shipping".


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