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"Stranded" is the forty-seventh episode of the Teen Titans series and the eighth episode of Season 4. It is an important episode in the growing relationship between Robin and Starfire.


While facing an alien creature in a space station, tensions arise between Robin and Starfire when Cyborg teases them about their relationship. However, The Titans soon have bigger problems when they all end up stranded and separated on an alien planet and must now find each other again, while facing challenges of their own. Will the Titans ever be reunited? Will Beast Boy be able to repair Cyborg? But most importantly.... Will Robin and Starfire finally confess their true feelings for each other?


A fatal slip of words

The Teen Titans proceed with the T-Ship to a communications station where they find the main computer center in ruins. Cyborg fixes up the damage, but they are then attacked by a vicious space monster with a powerful shriek. The team try their best to fight it off but its shriek becomes too powerful for Beast Boy, Raven and Cyborg. As the monster is about to finish them off, Robin and Starfire intervene and are able to defeat the creature by leading it into a trap. As the team are about to leave the station, Cyborg teases Robin about his relationship with Starfire by calling her his girlfriend, out of embarrassment, Robin denies it. Starfire (misunderstanding) thinks that he means they are not friends at all and is angry and disappointed.

Before Robin has the opportunity to brace himself for some uncomfortable questions from Starfire, the monster appears and attacks again, critically damaging the station with one of its shrieks. The Titans manage to escape the station just before it explodes, but the monster latches onto the T-Ship and sends its shriek through Robin's transmission in which he orders the Titans not to separate. The transmission is messed up and (thinking that Robin's orders are to split up) the Titans separate and each of them are now stranded on different areas of the planet.

Robin immediately sets out to find the others and after some searching stumbles upon Starfire's pod where he is attacked by a slime creature. Before it can eat him, Robin is saved by Starfire, who is however quite cool and stand-offish towards him. Starfire continues to distance herself from him, while Robin is perplexed by her behavior. Eventually he realizes she is still hung up about not being his "girlfriend."

Beast Boy the techno wonder.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy has managed to find Cyborg and gather up the scattered parts of both Cyborg and the T-Ship, but since Cyborg could not conduct any repairs because he has lost his hands in the crash, Beast Boy has to do the job.

Raven made some new friends.

Elsewhere, Raven awakens from the rough crash to find herself surrounded by the local inhabitants, who are diminutive but cordial. They follow her everywhere she goes, annoying her with their rather limited vocabulary and imitating everything she says.

Back to Beast Boy and Cyborg, some "minor" complications arise, as Beast Boy possesses neither the intellectual capacities nor the tactile sensitivity for a task as delicate as reassembling Cyborg. After several failed attempts of putting him back together, Cyborg tries to communicate to Beast Boy by dumbing down his language.

Robin saves Starfire after she reveals she is unable to fly.

Robin tries to explain himself, but at that moment they wander onto unstable footing, and the ground breaks up underneath. As they fall, Robin tells Starfire to fly, but is surprised when she is unable to. After rescuing Starfire she explains that her powers are dependent on her emotional state, and since she is currently feeling confusion she is unable to fly.

Robin awkwardly tries to explain how much he actually cares about Starfire. But then the monster (which has survived the fall onto the planet) attacks them. They lure it to a ravine, where Robin expresses his trust in Starfire.

Raven being treated like a queen.

Linking hands, they cast themselves into the ravine and are saved by Starfire's reactivated flight powers, while the monster plunges helplessly into the dark depths. After flying to safety, Starfire and Robin embrace in time for Beast Boy and Cyborg to arrive with the fully reassembled, but slightly damaged T-Ship, also finding Cyborg's hands and his pod's steering wheel in the process. The Titans then start to wonder where Raven is, who is revealed to be indulging in luxuries provided by the Shallas.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters



  • When Cyborg says "She's gonna blow," it shows Starfire with fire all around her about to "blow." This is obviously a pun on what Cyborg just said.
  • Silkie has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo in this episode. During Beast Boy's first attempt to fix Cyborg, Silkie can be seen among the various parts being launched into the air each time Beast Boy brings down his hammer.
  • The mathematical equation in the first scene where Cyborg attempts to explain to Beast Boy how to repair him is the Taylor expansion for (1 + x)-1/2.
  • This episode's title song is sung in Japanese.


  • This is the fourth episode focusing on Robin and Starfire's romantic feelings for each other.
    • In this episode, Robin and Starfire came very close to admitting their feelings for each other.
    • It is discovered that the rest of the team are well aware of how Robin and Starfire truly feel about each other.

Cultural references

  • The scene where Beast Boy first 'fixes up' Cyborg may be a pun on the Robot Chicken Teen Titans parody, which ran on May 27, 2005 (this episode ran on June 11, 2005). This may also be a nod to the claim that the Robot Chicken character is modeled after Cyborg.

    Cyborg as Giant Robo

  • Beast Boy's second repair attempt on Cyborg is an homage (and pun) on the Japanese anime and manga title Giant Robo, with Cyborg as the titular mecha and Beast Boy as Daisaku Kusama.
  • In one scene, Beast Boy transforms into what appears to be a wookiee, which would be a pun on the Star Wars series, when Chewbacca carried C3PO's broken body.
  • The scene of Beast Boy turning into a Sasquatch and then drops Cyborg's parts on Cyborg (who looked like a bird) has a different version. Although it could have been another Sasquatch creature like the Ohio Grassman or the Hibagon, since Beast Boy turned into an actual Bigfoot when he was fixing the T-Ship.
  • When Beast Boy was fixing Cyborg, he said 10-Speed. The name is also used in Ben 10: Omniverse as Ben's Bike and later destroyed.


Look at his body to the right side of the screen. Somebody fire that animator soon.

  • As Cyborg fixes the space station's power, a quick part of his body is cut off at one end of the screen.
  • In one goof scene when Cyborg first fixed the space station, Robin and Starfire's skins are the same color.

Cyborg's left ear is human again.

  • Cyborg's left ear turned human when he came out of Raven's cloak and tried to punch the Shrieker.
  • In a scene where Beast Boy and Cyborg were screaming while the T-ship is rising, Cyborg's hands are seen holding onto the T-ship.
  • Starfire claims that she could not fly because she was confused, but in other episodes, she has felt things other than happy (including confusion) and could still fly.

Cyborg's chin and cheek are wrong.

  • After Cyborg said to Beast Boy "Pull the red candy-cane thingamahoozit, NOW!", we can see the robotic part of his face and his chin are the same color as his human skin.


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