Quote1.pngSteel City. Bitter cold... stinging winds, and... the pungent smell of decay. My kind of town.Quote2.png
Brother Blood[src]

Steel City, which is located in the eastern region of the United States, is the main headquarters of Titans East.


After losing two of his headquarters in "Deception" and "Wavelength", Brother Blood planned to make a new school in the city with his first students being Titans East and the Teen Titans. After he is defeated, the Titans East continue to live there, occasionally going to Jump City to fill in for the original Teen Titans.

The Titans who reside in Steel City include:

Titans East Tower

Titans East Tower

The Titans East Tower is the Titans East's base of operations, built by the Titans East, with the assistance of Cyborg. It is situated on the side of a cliff near the coast of the city. As the tower was first shown in a dilapidated state, rather than freshly built, it is possible that the tower was inhabited previously.

The tower, along with the city itself, was the main setting for "Titans East - Part 1" and "Titans East - Part 2".


  • Main Ops room: Consists of a main floor and a mezzanine built on 3 sides, complimented with a glass wall from floor to ceiling to allow the Titans to look out over part of Steel City. This room is larger than that of the Titans Tower. It is protected with a security system that deploys multiple laser guns in case of an intruder alert. The middle of the room lies 2 pools for direct access to the sea, mainly used by Aqualad.
  • Garage: Situated at the base of the tower, used to park the T-Car while Cyborg is in the tower.
  • Basement: Used by Brother Blood to Convert himself into a cyborg, before he attempt to convert the Titans East into Cyclones, before the Teen Titans engage the Titans East in combat. Otherwise its purpose after Brother Blood's defeat remains unknown.
  • Toolstore: Más y Menos was seen in this room trying to escape from Cyclones. Here they find various tools to dismantle the Cyclones.
  • Hallways


  • Steel City is based on Pittsburgh, PA, in which the city is nicknamed.
  • Steel City is described as having the smell of decay in the air.
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