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is the 32nd episode of the Teen Titans series and the sixth episode of the 3rd season.


Raven reads the story of Malchior the wizard's titanic battle with the evil dragon Rorek. The story captivates Raven so much that she brooks no interruption, may it be due to an emergency (such as Kardiak trying to kidnap children from a playing ground) or her teammates trying to make her ease up. A remark by Beast Boy about her being "creepy" stings her, though, and she wishes that she could meet someone who could truly understand her and someone she could talk with. And to her immense surprise, the book responds!

Spellbound a

Never bother her while she's reading!

The book introduces itself as Malchior the wizard, imprisoned within his own spellbook by Rorek the dragon's last curse just as he was being defeated himself. He proclaims to understand Raven and thus touches her heart. She tries to get him out of the spellbook, but with the magic she knows so far it proves impossible. As a result, Malchior teaches her his immense knowledge of magic, and step by step Raven manages to get the curse broken. At first she succeeds in giving Malchior a corporeal form of sorts with the paper pages of the spellbook, but in order to be truly free, she has to increase her powers all the more. As time passes, Raven begins to feel closer to Malchior than to anyone else before.

Thank's to Beast Boy's snooping (mostly out of worry), the other Titans learn about Malchior's existence, but before they can ask more, Kardiak strikes again. Raven attempts to stop him once again, but she uses her new magical powers, which promptly go out of control, threatening to consume both Kardiak and his latest victim; and just in time, Beast Boy manages to prevent worse. Outraged, Raven confronts Malchior for having taught her dark magic, but again Malchior touches her heart by asking her whether she wants to be misunderstood and thus lonely once again.


The true Malchior

Spellbound - Raven a

Raven finding comfort with Beast Boy

Raven performs the final ceremony which frees Malchior from the spellbook, but as Malchior is about to be released, Raven realizes-to her horror- that he has tricked her: Malchior is in fact not the wizard, but the dragon! Before she can reverse the ritual, Malchior breaks free and flies out of Titans Tower. The Titans try to stop him but fail against his might. Furious about this betrayal, Raven engages Malchior in one-on-one combat and manages to banish him back into the book, which she locks away. The desolation in her heart is soon alleviated by Beast Boy, who makes her realize that she is not alone after all, and by Cyborg, who becomes the first victim of his own and Beast Boy's prank game of Stankball.


  • Malchior: [in a voice-over] But it did seem the power of Rorek was greater than my magics could defeat. And as the foul beast struck...
    [alarm siren or knock on the door]
  • Robin: Kardiak, you're under arrest.
  • Beast Boy: Okay. Fine. You're way creepy. But that doesn't mean you have to stay locked in your room. You think you're alone, Raven, but you're not.


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