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Quote1.pngI am the thing that keeps you up at night. The evil that haunts every dark corner of your mind. I will never rest, and neither will you.Quote2.png
―Slade to Robin[src]

Slade Joseph Wilson, also known as Deathstroke the Terminator, is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Trigon) of Teen Titans. He is the archenemy of Robin, wanting him and the Titans destroyed for his own unknown reasons.

Character history

Slade appears in the Teen Titans animated series, where he is referred to only as Slade due to censorship issues. He is the Titans' main adversary and the main antagonist of the first two seasons. His main goal is to defeat the Titans, destroy Jump City, and quite possibly conquer the world. He had two secret bases, which were both destroyed and has a massive army of robotic commandos and superhuman physical capabilities, such as being strong enough to leave a dent in solid steel with one hit.

In many episodes in Season 1, he tries to recruit others to his side. He is first seen sending Cinderblock to free Plasmus from jail, as well as other criminals. Cinderblock and Plasmus were defeated and sent back to jail by Cyborg who rejoined the team. He then hires Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth from the H.I.V.E. Academy for his team but the Titans succeed in beating the three graduates although they took over their tower for a while. Slade then tries to trick Thunder and Lightning, two teenage storm elementals, into destroying Jump City, but that too failed when Beast Boy helped the brothers to see the error of their ways. He then makes a deal with the mysterious Red X, before revealing to him that he knew he was Robin and was merely using him. The two fought with Slade taunting Robin for fooling his team. Finally, Robin manages to overpower Slade - only to discover that this, too, is just a robot, leaving him back at square one and worse. Later, Slade forced Robin to join him, with the threat that if he did not, Slade would use nanobots he planted in the Titans to destroy them from the inside out, therefore killing them. Robin was forced to commit crimes in Slade's name and even fought his team. Later after having enough Robin fought Slade telling him, he is done serving him. Robin eventually overcame Slade with his friends' help. Interestingly, when presented with an opportunity to kill all five of the Titans after Robin infected himself with the nanobots, he chose not to kill them. Two theories exist for this behavior. One, if Robin, currently his apprentice at that time, was killed, he would have been completely powerless or two, he simply would have had no archenemy. However he allowed Robin to attack him and break half his mask off. Slade brought his entire lair down and escaped once again.

In Season 2, Slade set his sights on recruiting a new apprentice, the superheroine Terra, who, in the animated series, is portrayed as more of a lost soul than an irredeemable psychopath. Throughout the season, Slade tormented her and exploited her fears of being unable to control her powers and of alienating her newfound friends, the Teen Titans, slowly drove her to his side. Slade coaxed Terra into subjecting herself willingly to apprenticeship, despite the Titans having warned Terra of Slade, and promised that he could teach her to control her powers. After believing that Beast Boy betrayed her trust and told the other Titans of her difficulties in controlling her powers (even though Beast Boy did not tell her and Robin only figured it out), Terra eventually betrayed the Titans to Slade, who indeed taught her to control her powers, and took over the city with her help. During this time, Slade had crafted a new suit for Terra, one bearing his insignia, and was able to access her powers to assist her in combat, and to an extent, control her. With Slade's help, Terra mercilessly defeated the Titans, who were reluctant to fight their old friend, and were focused on trying to redeem her rather than defeat her. The Titans, however, returned and fought her again. But this time, they fought her mercilessly and viciously. By failing Slade's command to destroy the team, she returned to him, only to be beaten by him in anger. Slade then controlled Terra and used her to nearly kill Beast Boy, who arrived at the base to redeem Terra. Beast Boy and the Titans then convinced Terra to overcome the link her new suit had to Slade, and she sent him to his apparent doom in a lava pit while she turned to stone.[1][2]

Being apparently dead, Slade was absent for most of the third season. He appeared in a flashback in the episode "X" which Robin narrates about how he created Red X. He did appear in the Season 3 episode "Haunted". But, he is a figment of Robin's imagination, due to a dust released from his mask onto Robin. After Robin was knocked out by Cinderblock, he notices Slade approaching, but every time Robin attacked him, Slade didn't have a scratch on him (because actually he was a figment of Robin’s imagination), and Robin couldn't even touch him.

Robin's friends couldn't see Slade, because only Robin could; Slade was a hallucination. Robin gets beaten up by Slade, receiving a lot of bruises. Robin’s friends try to explain to Robin that Slade is not there, but Robin (who was still angry) threatened to take down his friends if he got in his way, but Starfire knocks him out.

Back at the tower, Slade continues to haunt Robin's mind, and Robin continued to fight a losing battle. Raven enters Robin's head to see through his eyes and saw Slade herself. She then reveals to the others that the stress on Robin's brain is destroying his body. Just as all hope is lost, the flickering lights made Slade disappear who admits that he is an hallucination. Robin believed in his friends that Slade is not real, and switched on the lights, and the Slade hallucination vanished completely.[3]

1. Slade.png

At the end of the episode, Cyborg revealed that someone from outside the tower had activated the mask. The mask is then shown in the basement and one eye turns red, hinting at his later return as Trigon's ally.

Slade returned in full for Season 4, as the servant of Raven's demonic father Trigon. Slade now had fire powers and a red mark on his forehead, called the Mark of Skath. He delivered Trigon's message to Raven, that she would cause the end of the world. It is explained that Slade's defeat at Terra's hands had indeed killed him, and that Trigon had promised to give him back his flesh in exchange for his services. However, Trigon went back on the deal, and Slade decided to join forces with the Teen Titans.[4] While Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy tried to distract Trigon, Robin and Slade went to find Raven (who had been transformed into a child version of herself) in the underworld. Upon returning to the surface with Raven, the Titans assaulted Trigon in a somewhat vain effort to defeat him. Nevertheless, they managed to hurt him, as did Slade, who recovered his flesh and stole the demonic weapon of one of Trigon's minions. Raven finally defeated her "father" and restored the world to normal, but Slade escaped the Titans shortly after, with a solemn promise from Robin that nothing has changed, and he will make that clear if he sees him again. Slade is also one of the only villains who did not join the Brotherhood of Evil (likely due to refusing the offer of being a member of the Brotherhood of Evil), and that did not make an appearance in the final battle. He appeared in a flashback in the episode "Hide and Seek". So, he only appears in one episode of Season 5 ("Things Change") to convince Beast Boy to leave a girl that looks and behaves like Terra alone forcefully. In anger, he seemingly kills Slade, but it was just another one of Slade's robot clones.

Jericho (Deathstroke's son from the mainstream DC comics) has appeared in two episodes, but no reference has been made to Slade's and Jericho's connection in the show. His daughter, Ravager (Rose Wilson), also appears in the "Teen Titans Go!" comics, but is not referenced or seen even once in the actual show.

Physical appearance

Slade's hidden face

Slade's most notable feature is his mask. Its left side is orange with a single black outlined eyehole, while the right is solid black with no eyehole due to his loss of his right eye. There are also four parallel holes, two on each side, where his mouth is. He wears what seems to be a black body suit that covers his entire body except his lower torso and forearms, which are gray. For his arms, he has black gauntlets, gray gloves and wears a gray utility belt. He has overlapping armor in certain spots of his body. The first is a gray neck guard that goes to his throat and to his chest, a guard on both shoulders, forearms, over his gauntlets, one for each of his thighs, knees, the top and soles of his feet and finally, a gray sash wrapping horizontally around his torso.

He is Caucasian as seen in a fight with the Titans where a tiger Beast Boy rips some of his clothing off, revealing his flesh. He also seems to either have dirty blond or gray hair judging from his silhouetted head (see picture to the left), but since we only see him in shadow, it is unable to determine his true hair color.

In Teen Titans Go! #49, his face was seen with white hair and a beard.

Slade's face.jpg


Quote1.pngActually, I'm not such a nice guy myself.Quote2.png

Slade is an extremely calm and composed individual, remaining an enigma to both enemies and allies alike throughout the series. As a result, not much is known of his true personality by anyone, although the comparison has been made on multiple occasions by multiple people that he and Robin share similar traits, such as an intense dislike of losing, fiercely dedicated, and borderline obsessive in accomplishing their goals.

Although many people do not know Slade's evil intentions, it is implied a couple times. In Birthmark, Slade quotes that it is, "always the quiet ones", and in "Apprentice - Part 2", he quotes, "Betrayal. Destruction. Revenge." These all may reference his son Jericho, since he cannot talk, and the incident leading up to him being unable to talk (and Slade losing his right eye due to his former wife) was because of Slade supposedly betraying his family, which led to the minor destruction of his home (but major destruction to him and his son), which led to Slade wanting to get revenge on unknown people to make it up for his son losing the ability to speak.

The epitome of an evil mastermind, Slade is clever and calculating, never coming into view unless he has total advantage, and flees the moment that advantage is compromised. A master manipulator, he prefers to bait others into traps rather than directly confront them himself, and uses his robotic minions to their fullest extent, as they are often seen fighting in his stead. Throughout the first two seasons, for reasons which are not entirely clear, he is shown tirelessly working on recruiting new apprentices, setting his sights on both Robin and Terra respectively. Using his intelligence and charisma, he exploits their weaknesses and fears, and is not above blackmailing them into submission, as he did with Robin in "Apprentice - Part 2".

Slade is scary and intimidating due to his evil and sadistic personality. He is so stubborn and determined on what is right in front of him which becomes his downfall. His stony disposition makes him seem all the more ruthless and unemotional.

In a conversation with Robin in "The End - Part 2", Slade admits to feeling no remorse for any of his crimes, saying "it's what I do best" when Robin tells him that everything that he has ever done has only made people suffer. Occasionally, he will lose his temper. An example is when Trigon betrayed him, regardless of his loyal service to the demon, and had his fire-minions seize him which lead to him demanding the demons to obey him with outrage.

Despite his wicked personality, he admitted that he did not wish for Trigon to destroy the Earth, helped the Titans defeat him, and even let Terra live a new life, telling Beast Boy to let go of the past, showing he is not without honor when the situation calls for it. Although one could easily argue that he was trying to taunt Beast Boy as well, aside that this Slade was actually a robot duplicate, so perhaps it doesn't reflect the nature of the real Slade, who likely would have used Beast Boy for his own ends.

Powers and abilities

Quote1.pngCome now, Robin. You'll have to do better than that. I haven't even broken a sweat.Quote2.png

Enhanced Physical Capabilities: Slade possesses great strength and endurance, such as the power to leave a huge dent in solid steel with one hit, seen in Apprentice Part II when battling Robin and aiming to punch him instead. He also has enhanced reflexes and displays a mastery in several forms of armed and unarmed combat, making him a terrifying and formidable opponent. In the Teen Titans: Know Your Foes interview on the Season 3 DVD, Slade is said to also have regenerative capabilities.

Master combatant: In addition to his great strength, Slade is also a nimble fighter, demonstrating his superior agility in combat on numerous occasions and has been shown to be able to move faster than even Robin during their brief scuffle in "Apprentice - Part 2". By deducing one's strengths and weaknesses, Slade has been able to hold his own, if not outright overpower superpowered opponents, including all the members of the Titans at one point or another. He was also able to defeat the Gate Guard, despite being undead.

Genius-level Intellect: In addition, Slade is a master of psychological manipulation, a cunning planner and strategist, and has demonstrated skills in disguise and ritual magic.

Vast resources: Slade has immense resources at his disposal, which includes armies of robot commandos, many secret bases, advanced technology, and dangerous weapons to make use of as he sees fit.

Former powers

Demonic Magic: As Trigon's second in command, Slade was granted the ability to fly, teleport, phase through objects, and control demonic fire. As an effective non-living entity at that time, he couldn't feel pain and can withstand massive amounts of damage.


Teen Titans

Slade seeks to destroy the Teen Titans because they are enemies. Throughout season one, Slade sent minions and agents to fight the Titans and continuously watches videos of the Titans in action. In season one, Slade wanted Robin to be his apprentice, but promised to spare the other Titans if Robin never made any contact with them and followed all of his orders. However, when the Titans tried to save Robin, he nearly killed them with the nanotechnology in their bodies. In season two, Slade was completely interested in annihilating the Teen Titans with his new apprentice, Terra. However, when she failed to do so, Slade took his rage out on Terra. In season four, Slade did not show any interest in destroying the Teen Titans but was concerned with carrying out Trigon's plans.


Slade considered Robin his rival as the leader of the Teen Titans. Slade was impressed by Robin's abilities, powers, and personality, and wanted him to be his apprentice. Slade admits that he tried to get Robin's attention by leaving clues and messages for him to investigate. From time to time, Slade would tell Robin that they were similar to which Robin would angrily deny. When Slade got Robin to be his apprentice, he liked his progress and thought that if he kept him as an apprentice long enough, he would become stronger. When Slade's plans for Robin as his apprentice failed, Slade brought his attention to Terra. Despite his changes, Slade still kept an eye on Robin. After his revival in season four, Slade took interest in Raven, but when his relationship with Trigon deteriorated, he looked to Robin for his assistance in helping him regain his flesh.

Robin hated Slade and saw him as a major enemy. Robin would take it upon himself to go after Slade, which would often lead him to do dubious things such as acting like his alter-ego, Red X, or lash out at his teammates because he didn't trust anyone but himself. As an apprentice to Slade, Robin hated being coerced into being his pawn and would take his opportunities to oppose and fight Slade whenever he can. In season four, Robin wanted to know about Slade's revival and powers, which the latter often withheld from telling. After their brief partnership, Robin told Slade that their momentary allegiance meant nothing and that if they met again, Robin would try to stop him.

In the episode "Haunted", Robin was obsessed with Slade and when an agent laced in dust made Robin perceive Slade, Robin tried to fight him as much as possible. Unbeknownst to Robin, the more he tried to fight Slade, the more violent and hostile Slade acted towards him. Much like how Slade was, the perception of Slade in Robin's mind often taunted Robin and mocked him.


Quote1.pngI have to say, Raven, when I found out the truth, I was very impressed. All this time, I had no idea the power lurking inside you, the glorious destiny that awaits. It's always the quiet ones, isn't it?Quote2.png
―Slade to Raven.

In earlier seasons, Slade wanted Raven, along with the rest of the Titans, to be destroyed and used measures at his disposal to try and kill her. However, in season four, Slade was revived by Trigon and given powers that rival those of Raven. Slade took a unique interest in Raven, since he found out from Raven's father, Trigon, that she was the portal for the demon's arrival on Earth. In the episode "Birthmark", Slade took pleasure in trying to tell Raven about her destiny, despite knowing how much she wanted to run away from it due to her fears. In this episode, his persistent attempts at trying to tell Raven Trigon's message resulted in psychologically breaking Raven, which Slade enjoyed. Throughout the season, Slade would try to prey on Raven's weaknesses and fears, by telling her about her destiny of allowing Trigon to appear on Earth to destroy it. He would even take this further by trying to make Raven feel bad for not telling her friends about her destiny and bringing them into her personal problems. Slade cared little about the psychological abuse he put her through and only saw her as a means to finally reclaiming his flesh for completing Trigon's deal.

Raven was afraid of Slade and tried to escape from him. Raven did not want to listen to Slade and tried to ignore him as much as she can. In "Prophecy", Raven confronted Slade and fought him, admitting that she was no longer afraid of him. When Slade told her about the completion of the plan in "The End", Raven called him a fool for making a deal with Trigon. However, as a child who was stripped of her powers and memories by Trigon, she did express concern for Slade when Trigon attacked him. Overall, Raven, like the other Titans, detests Slade.

Beast Boy

Slade wanted to destroy Beast Boy along with the other Titans for his personal reasons. In Season two, Slade and Beast Boy's relationship becomes personal when Beast Boy found out that Terra (the girl Beast Boy adored and loved) was working for Slade. When Beast Boy wanted to know why she betrayed the Titans, Slade told him that he could not help her have control over her destructive powers. This resulted in a heated fight between the two. In "Things Change", Slade's android and Beast Boy fought in the same mirror room after Slade told him coldly that Terra did not want to remember Beast Boy and the Titans. Like the rest of the Titans, Beast Boy hated Slade for the amount of suffering he caused as well as everything he did to Terra and despite Slade's attempts at telling Beast Boy the possibility that she doesn't want to remember the Titans, it resulted in a fight.


After Robin's apprenticeship failed, Slade took interest in recruiting Terra instead. Spending time watching her, Slade saw an opportunity in helping her control her destructive powers. At first, she resisted his offer, but when she thought Beast Boy told the Titans about her lack of control, she left the team. When she returned to the Titans, she was conflicted about betraying them due to her friendship with Beast Boy but went through with it anyways. Unlike Robin, Terra was more obedient to Slade. After fighting and defeating the Titans, Slade was impressed by her and said that they both can rule over the city together. However, when Terra disobeyed Slade's command in fighting off the Titans, he viciously beat her. After the beatings and the abuse, Terra tried to leave, but because the suit Slade gave her was hooked up to her nervous system, Slade instead used her, knowing that she did not have too much self-control.

Slade knew that Terra's lack of control and self-control was a weakness he could prey on. He took advantage of this weakness to try and find a more obedient apprentice. However, when Terra realized Slade did not care about her, she eventually regained control of herself and saved the Titans from him at the cost of her life. Since the Slade encountered during the last episode was a robot, this was the last time they interacted throughout the series.


After Slade's death, Trigon allowed him to work for him under the condition that Trigon's deal of making Raven submit to him and become the portal is fulfilled. If this deal is fulfilled, Slade would reclaim his flesh and blood and live again. Throughout season four, Slade acted as Trigon's messenger and would often tell Raven about her destiny. Slade upheld his part of the deal, but when Trigon convinced Raven to submit into becoming the portal, he no longer acknowledges Slade's efforts, telling him that he will not have his life back. Frustrated at Trigon's betrayal and admitting that even he disliked what he did to the world, Slade opted to join the Titans in a temporary alliance and decides to get vengeance against Trigon by fighting him.


Cinderblock is probably Slade's loyal minion. Slade sent Cinderblock to free Plasmus. He later sent him, Plasmus, and Overload to weaken the Teen Titans and to merge them together to form Ternion.


Slade freed him from prison to destroy the Teen Titans after Cyborg left them. He later recruited him with Overload and Cinderblock to weaken the Titans and then merge them together to form Ternion.


Slade sent Terra to free Overload along with Plasmus and Cinderblock to weaken the Teen Titans. He then merged them together to form Ternion.


Slade's creation of Plasmus, Overload, and Cinderblock. He used it to fight the Teen Titans when Terra could not fight them any longer.

Gizmo, Mammoth and Jinx

Slade recruited Gizmo, Mammoth, and Jinx to destroy the Teen Titans. However, in the end, he turned on them after they failed him.

Thunder and Lightning

Slade (disguised as an old man with fire powers) used Thunder and Lightning to cause mayhem in Jump City. He encouraged their chaotic behavior and used them to create a fire creature that can destroy the city. Much like other people Slade has interacted with, he used them (especially to catch Robin's attention).


Teen Titans

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Season 2

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New Teen Titans shorts

Teen Titans Go!

Video games appearances


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Background information

  • In the mainstream DC comics line, Slade/Deathstroke was originally a soldier in the service of the US military that was trained and artificially modified to become the ultimate killing machine. However, Slade vowed to exact revenge on the rest of the world when his son, Joseph, became mute because a mercenary assigned to kidnap him damaged his vocal cords. In the same incident, Slade lost one of his eyes. Even though Slade became an assassin and criminal mastermind, Joseph discovered his superhuman abilities and became the Teen Titan Jericho.


  • Slade appears in a total of twenty episodes in the series; though one of which was as a vision only, one of which where he is not seen but a robot replica is seen, and two in flashbacks only.
  • He is one of the few villains to appear in all five seasons, though he does not appear physically in seasons three or five.
  • Slade's original comic name "Deathstroke" did not make it through the censors due to hesitance to use the word "death" in a children's animated series; thus, the character is referred to by his first name. However, his original name is mentioned in the tie-in comic Teen Titans Go! and in some foreign language versions of the show. He is also changed from an assassin and mercenary-for-hire to an enigmatic criminal mastermind.
    • Though it is debatable if children found "Slade" sinister enough for a villain name.
      • However, Killer Moth was allowed to keep his name. Despite the fact his name also references death.
        • The name change might have been because the name "Deathstroke" fit more for an assassin whereas it was less fitting to the criminal mastermind character that Slade was portrayed as in the show.
          • He is actually the only villain from the original comic to not use his original supervillain name.
  • Slade is the only main antagonist at large. Because of this his current fate is a complete mystery.
    • His official current status is listed as "Missing (Presumed Dead)". However, some of these are not entirely accurate, such as listing the HIVE Five (who are currently flash frozen) as "at large".
  • In "Forces of Nature", Slade is disguised as an elderly mystic who bears resemblance to Slade's maskless comic book appearance.[5]
  • Only two of Slade's three children appear in the cartoon. The only child of Slade not to appear was his firstborn son Grant Wilson. In the comics, Grant was the first criminal to be called the Ravager. He was killed in his first encounter with the Teen Titans.
  • Slade is the final boss character in the video game, as well as a playable unlocked character.
  • In the Season 3 episode "Haunted", there are many hints that Slade was just a hallucination beyond his disappearances whenever light appeared.
    • During the fight with Robin in rain, Slade wasn't showing any signs of being rained on.
      • When he jumped tree to tree, the branches did not move.
  • In "The End - Part 2", his scarred skull can be seen.
  • At times in the comics, Slade (Deathstroke) fought Batman and Robin (and Nightwing), Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), the Teen Titans, and even the Justice League.
  • Slade is the only villain to shift alignments completely (unlike Jinx who became a full-fledged hero). The first and second seasons he was indeed a villain, but in Season 4 he seemed to develop more of an antihero alignment.
  • Although Robin and Slade vowed in Season 4 that if they were to encounter each other again a fight would not be reconsidered, Slade (at least as a villain) never fought with the Titans afterward even when encountering Beast Boy.
  • Only two of Slade's three children appear in the cartoon. The only child of Slade not to appear was his firstborn son Grant Wilson. In the comics, Grant was the first criminal to be called the Ravager. He was killed in his first encounter with the Teen Titans.
  • In "The End - Part 2", it is revealed that his face was skeletal after his "solo fight". However, he regained his flesh after the fight was finished and his face was never revealed.
  • Height: 6'4".
  • It is unknown why the Teen Titans (specifically Robin) want to find out Slade's name, since they already call him by his name, Slade. However, it is possible that they assume Slade to be an alias. Or it is in this universe.
  • He supposedly has a connection to having an apprentice, but always picks someone who is unwilling to serve him (like Robin).
    • This shows a rather dimwitted side to Slade.
  • Slade had taunted Robin, Beast Boy and Raven with the exception of Starfire and Cyborg.

Whenever he landed on his feet, they didn't make a sound.

  • Slade alongside Blackfire, Trigon, Krall, Cironielian Chrysalis Eater, Shrieker, The White Monster, and Brother Blood were the only villains who did not side with the Brotherhood of Evil. It is possible that Slade was invited but declined the offer.
  • As Slade did not physically appear in Season 5, it is unknown if him and Raven still hold a significant grudge with each other after the events of Season 4. Slade could still possibly target Raven as revenge for her father betraying him, or for her brutal beat down of him in "The Prophecy". Furthermore, it is possible that Slade could even seek to make Raven his new apprentice, and he admits to being "very impressed" upon finding out about her power and dark nature.
  • According to Glen Murakami, the initial plan for Slade in Season 5 when it originally had 20 episodes was that he would have returned to usurp the Brain as the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil around the midway point of the season. This was scrapped when the order was reduced to 13 episodes.
  • It also stated that Slade was initially plan to return in Season 6 of Teen Titans before itf was canceled.




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