(Opening shot: outer space. There is a distant flash of light, from which four glowing objects emerge and approach the camera; pan to follow them across the cosmos. As they home in on Earth, three peel off while the fourth heads straight for the planet. A camera shift reveals it to be long and cylindrical, something like a missile in shape, with several trailing tentacles.)

(Cut to the night sky, where a fireworks show is in full swing. Pull back to show the area as the waterfront; the craft's brilliant streak descends past the display and below the horizon. Pan to a nearby carnival-Ferris wheel, roller coaster, games, the usual. Close-up of one of the wheel's cars, which holds Robin and Starfire. She watches the pyrotechnics with complete awe and sighs blissfully.)

Starfire: Beautiful. Tell me again what they are called. Robin: Fireworks. (A few more go off.) Starfire: (suddenly concerned) On my home planet, such explosions would mean the Gordanians were attacking. You are certain Earth is not under attack? Robin: Positive. Cotton candy? (He holds the pink stuff out to her.) Starfire: The last time I ate a ball of cotton, it was white. And it did not taste very- Robin: This is different.

(He pulls off a wad and pops it into his mouth; cautiously, she follows suit and realizes it is indeed different from the cotton ball.)

Starfire: Mmmm... (A yelp of surprise.) It vanished! Robin: (chuckling) Yeah. It'll do that. Starfire: (sighing again) When I first came to this planet, I did not think I would ever fit in. Earth was full of strange things. But now I see that- (Big glare from fireworks.) Robin: Here comes the finale! Yes!

(In the sky, the display has turned into a fusillade of redoubled intensity.)

Robin: Whoo-hoo-hoo! Amazing! Starfire: Earth is full of amazing things too. Robin: Best planet I've ever been to.

(The craft seen in space sweeps past the Ferris wheel and yanks Starfire from her seat in its tentacles; she is carried screaming into the sky.)


(Fade to white, then snap to black.)


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(Opening shot: the craft streaking toward the camera over the bay. The carnival is now in the distant background. Starfire struggles against the hold on her.)

Starfire: Wherever you are taking me, I do not wish to go!

(She fires a starbolt at the tentacles' base; the craft stops in midair, crackling all over with the energy of the shot, and she extricates herself and bugs out. The device goes after her. From here, cut to an overhead shot of the carnival game booths, then to a close-up of several bottles set up for the old ring-toss game. A ring is thrown into view, bouncing off the neck of a bottle as a near miss; the next one rattles down on target. Tilt up to the counter, to the sound of Beast Boy's laughter. He and Cyborg have been playing.)

Cyborg: Boo-yah! Beast Boy: Sweet!

(They trade a high five. Cut to outside the booth as Beast Boy is handed his prize, a huge stuffed chicken. Raven leans against a post, her arms crossed and her expression showing her low opinion of the whole exercise.)

Beast Boy: Told you we'd win you a prize. (He gives her the toy.) Raven: A giant chicken. I must be the luckiest girl in the world. (Robin lands nearby, in a crouch.) Robin: (standing up) Titans! Trouble! Cyborg: Where's Starfire? Robin: That's the trouble.

(He runs off; Raven tosses the chicken aside and all three follow him. Reaching the end of the pier, they look over the bay and see a scintillating object plummet straight toward the waves. It resolves into Starfire as she pulls up sharply to skim the surface, leaving a broad wake behind herself. The craft is hot on her tail. She looks back over her shoulder, gasps, and sidesteps to avoid a lashing tentacle; turning onto her back, she throws a couple of starbolts that hit the nose without effect.)

Starfire: No more chasing now, please!

(A flip to face forward again, and she is off like a shot. She angles herself toward the pier and flies neatly through the other four Titans; the pursuer does likewise.)

Beast Boy: Who's her new best friend? Robin: Don't know- (socking fist against palm) -but I can't wait to meet him.

(The chase loops around the Ferris wheel and back to the pier, where Starfire stops just behind the rest of the team. Beast Boy is first to attack, leaping high and turning into an alligator to bite at the tentacles' bases-just barely missing. Raven levitates a nearby hot dog cart and heaves it at the oncoming vehicle, which crashes right through it. As the thing races past Cyborg, he grabs the tentacles and hauls on them with all his strength. Ever so slowly, he is dragged forward a few feet before bringing the craft to a stop.)

Cyborg: Don't know what you did to make this thing mad, Star, but it couldn't hurt to apologize! Starfire: I am...sorry?

(The tentacles yank themselves out of his grip. Robin whips out his staff, extends it, and goes on the offensive; a mighty swing reverberates against the nose and drives the craft back. It tumbles over the guardrails as he lands and puts the weapon away. Beast Boy, back in human form, looks down after it; a loud splash is heard from down o.c.)

Beast Boy: (bewildered) So, did we just win?

(The thing crashes up through the planks at the Titans' feet to answer that one with a big fat no. Robin vaults onto the nose.)

Robin: Don't see an OFF switch. Guess I'll have to make one.

(Close-up of a panel; his fist flies down and smashes through it, and he pulls out a handful of wiring underneath. Sparks fly from the broken connections; pull back as he jumps free. The craft veers hopelessly out of control, rising higher and higher toward the stratosphere, and finally explodes in a mighty conflagration among the fireworks that are still going off. Robin lands next to Starfire.)

Robin: Whatever that thing was, it can't hurt you now. Starfire: But...why did it wish to hurt me at all?

[Animation goof: In this shot, her armband is on the left side rather than the right.]

(Dissolve to the exterior of Titans Tower, then cut to just inside the operations center door. Starfire, positively ecstatic, enters first while her teammates stand at the doorway. Pan to follow her.)

Starfire: Come, friends. (The background changes to flowers and bathes her in light.) I shall thank you for my rescue by reciting the Poem of Gratitude-all six thousand verses.

(Normal background resumes, and the camera cuts to the other four, now inside the operations center. This segue, to them, is as subtle as a car wreck-and their eyes and the accompanying sound effect reinforce the point. Pull back to put Starfire in view, facing them. The next voice, from o.c., catches her by surprise-young, female, perhaps a bit cocky, and very smooth.)

Voice: I see you haven't changed a bit.

(Cut to the speaker, a teenage girl similar in appearance to Starfire, but whose clothing is black rather than violet. Her hair is this same color, her eyes narrow and blue, and she wears metallic full-body armor beneath her clothes. In addition, her wrist guards and neck piece are metal-colored. This is Blackfire. She leans against the back of the couch, but pushes off from it on her next line.)

Blackfire: When we were little, I was always rescuing Starfire.

(Laughing, she opens her arms wide as Starfire squeals with delight and runs over to hug her.)

Starfire: Sister! Blackfire: (holding up a necklace with a large green gem) Brought you a present.

(Starfire gasps deeply and her eyes pop at the sight of this bauble.)

Starfire: A Centauri moon diamond?!? Where did you get- Blackfire: On the Centauri moons, of course. (She fastens it around Starfire's neck.) Oh, look, it matches your eyes.

(The recipient beams for a moment, then opens her eyes wide to give the camera a full view. Sight gag: they have become diamonds as well, and they grow a little bigger as a cash register is heard going off. This ends after a moment.)

Starfire: You must meet my friends!

(Blackfire is yanked across the operations center before she can say a word.)

Starfire: I wish to introduce my big sister. (Blackfire steps forward.) Blackfire: Blackfire. (Starfire is caught out at her boldness.) And since Star told me all about the Titans in her transmissions, let me guess. (She points to...) Cyborg. Cyborg: (holding out hand to shake) Pleased to meet you, little lady.

(There is a loud grinding of metal as she takes the hand; after letting go, he finds his fingers to have been squeezed temporarily out of alignment.)

Cyborg: Little lady, big handshake. Well, all right. (She goes on to...) Blackfire: Raven. I like that gemstone on your Ajna chakra. Raven: (impressed) You...know about chakras? Blackfire: I got way into meditation on Altara Prime. (She moves on to...) Beast Boy! What's up? Beast Boy: Nothing but the ceiling, baby. Blackfire: (laughing) Good one! Beast Boy: (to Raven) See? She thinks I'm funny. Raven: Statistically, I suppose someone has to.

(This deflates him a bit. Finally Blackfire makes her way to the leader.)

[Note: In yoga, chakras are points in the body at which spiritual energy is concentrated. There are seven, ranging from the top of the head to the base of the tailbone, and the Ajna chakra-centered on the forehead-is the second one down.]

Blackfire: And you must be Robin. (She zips behind him and fingers his cape.) Oh, I am loving this cape. It's positively luscious! Robin: Thanks. It's a high-density polymerized titanium, ten times stronger than steel. Blackfire: Fascinating.

(Cut to just behind him-her perspective. He directs an appreciative glance over his shoulder as Starfire slides into view and gasps, completely shocked by this exchange. Back to him and the big sister; she has leaned in even closer.)

Blackfire: And this mask makes you look very mysterious. (Starfire inserts herself between them.) Starfire: So, beloved sister, what brings you to Earth? (Blackfire crosses to the couch.) Blackfire: I was in the quadrant. Thought I'd see if Earthlings like to party. (She hops over the back and sits.) Besides, I needed a rest. Nearly got sucked into a black hole on the way here.

(The three boys are at the couch in an eyeblink, leaving Raven by herself at the kitchen counter.)

Robin: Black hole? Cyborg: No way! Beast Boy: Cool! Blackfire: Okay. I'm cruising through the Draconis Nebula, and- Starfire: Sister! That nebula is full of black holes! You know travel there is forbidden.

(This remark is met with dead silence, except for a cricket chirping outside, and very funny looks from the four at the couch.)

Blackfire: Most fun things in life are. Now be a sweetie and bring me one of those sodas I've heard so much about. (turning to the boys) So anyway, I'm zooming over an event horizon, approaching light speed, when all of a sudden-

(Starfire walks toward the kitchen on the end of this. Snap to black, which resolves into the interior of the refrigerator as the door opens and she looks in. It is an under-the-counter model, the sort that might be found in a college dorm room. A can of soda is on the top shelf.)

Starfire: (disgruntled, to herself) I see you have not changed either.

(She gets the soda and closes the door. The view blacks out again, then snaps to outer space. One by one, three bright streaks flash across the screen; tilt up slightly to show them approaching a large hovering vessel. Cut to a bank of four docking tubes inside as the three objects-duplicates of the craft Robin destroyed at the pier, the ones that peeled off from Earth-slide into place within them and stop. A light on each occupied tube goes green, but that on the empty fourth one flashes red. Cut to an alien crewman in a shadowy nook.)

Crewman 1: Our target was not located. The drones have failed. (Pan slightly; a second crewman is next to him.) Crewman 2: Have they?

(He looks down; cut to a control panel that shows outlines of the four craft, or drones. Three glow green, while the last one is red, matching the status lights on the docking tubes. One clawed hand reaches into view and presses the red outline, and the four give way to a view of Earth.)

Crewman 2: (from o.c.) The one that probed Earth did not return. (Pull back; both look at Earth on the main viewer.) That is where we will find the girl.

(Dissolve to the exterior of the Tower. It is now the next day.)

Starfire: (from inside) Sister?

(Cut to her, walking down the hall. She is still wearing the necklace and will continue to do so until further notice.)

Starfire: Sister? (She looks around a bit.) Sister, I seek your companionship.

(Close-up of a racing video game in progress. Two vehicles, one green and one white, speed along a twisting elevated track, and the green one gets out in front and blocks attempts by the white to pass. Cut to Cyborg and Beast Boy on the couch; they are playing GameStation on the window/screen, and their respective expressions tell right away who is winning.)

Cyborg: You want to pass me, but you can't pass me. You can't pa- (surprised; Beast Boy grins) You passed me! Beast Boy: Tighten the turn...jets...and nitro!

(He jumps up and does a laughing victory dance as Cyborg slumps over; a moment later, he is back on the couch. Starfire walks up behind them.)

Starfire: Tell me, have either of you seen Blackfire? Beast Boy: Blazin' B? She was here just a second ago.

(His face goes slack as Cyborg grins; back to the screen. The white vehicle hugs the guardrail, then knocks the green one aside and zooms on.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Aw, yeah! Back in the lead! (Back to the couch; he laughs heartily.) Starfire: What fun! May I join your game? Cyborg: Winner plays Blackfire. Beast Boy: (as hearts float up from him) Yeah. She rules at this game. Starfire: (deflated) I see.

(She walks away. Cut to a close-up of a door; she reaches into view and knocks. It slides open a small amount and reveals Raven peering out-this is her room.)

Starfire: Is...my sister in there? Raven: No. (She stars to close the door; cut to her side. The lights are out.) Starfire: Oh...Might you wish to hang out with me? We could visit your favorite depressing caf�. (Outside again.) Raven: Already been. It was open mic and Blackfire wanted to share. Your sister's poetry is surprisingly dark.

(She closes the door; Starfire heads off down the hall and sighs heavily. Through the open door to the gym, the shadows of Blackfire and Robin can be seen on the wall. They are close enough to touch, and they do so on the next line.)

Blackfire: (from inside gym) That's perfect, Robin.

(Close-up of the little sister, who gasps sharply as her eyes bug out.)

Blackfire: (from inside gym) Hold me just like that, and...

(Cut to the gym. She throws him the full width of the room; he spins in the air a bit before coming down on top of a rack of dumbbells. Starfire is positively aghast at the sight. Inside again; when Robin peels himself up from the floor, he is seen to be badly dazed from the impact.)

Blackfire: Learned that move from a Ven-Zo master on Tyrus Three. (He comes to.) Starfire: (from o.c.) Hello, Robin... (Shift to frame all three; she enters.) ...and...my sister. Am I interrupting? Robin: Not at all. Blackfire was just showing me some alien martial arts. How come you never taught me these cool moves?

(Cut to a close-up of Starfire, who has no good answer, then back to Blackfire and Robin on the start of the next line.)

Blackfire: Probably because she doesn't know them. I always was the better fighter. (leading him away) Come on. I'll show you the technique I once used to stop a raging orthax.

(The little sister stares bug-eyed after them for a moment and then hangs her head sadly. Dissolve to the exterior of the Tower. Inside, all the Titans except Starfire are lounging on the couch in the operations center; Raven is reading a book.)

Starfire: (from o.c., cheerfully) Friends!

(She comes in, balancing buckets of popcorn and candy along with stacks of DVDs.)

Starfire: I invite you to join me in the togetherness of a stay-home movie night. I bring you popcorn and non-cotton candies. Tell me, what sort of movie shall we view? Robin: Action. Beast Boy: Comedy. Cyborg: Sci-fi. Raven: Horror. (Caught off guard, Starfire drops her load of goodies.) Starfire: Perhaps a double feature?

(Sight gag: a little drop of nervous sweat springs from her head and falls.)

Blackfire: (from o.c.) Forget the flicks, kids.

(She turns to look; cut to the side door and tilt up from ground level. Blackfire stands there, dressed in one of Starfire's spare outfits, and has dispensed with the armor.)

Blackfire: We're going out! Starfire: (puzzled) We are? (Blackfire passes her.) Where did you-? Are those my-? Blackfire: (to the other Titans) Heard about a party downtown. Cool crowd, hot music. Beast Boy: Yeah! Cyborg: I'm in. Robin: Why not? (Close-up of Raven, nose still in her book.) Blackfire: (from o.c.) And it's in a creepy run-down warehouse.

(This gets her attention. One by one, Starfire's comrades file out.)

Cyborg: Whoo! Beast Boy: I am a party animal. (He turns into a gorilla.)

(Robin and Raven pass Starfire without saying anything; Blackfire is the last one out.)

Blackfire: Hey, sweetie, raided your closet. Hope you don't mind me borrowing your look. Starfire: (sadly, looking after her) Why not? You have already borrowed my friends.

(Big sister departs, leaving little sister standing among the snacks and movies she dropped-the scattered remains of her plan to spend time with the gang. Fade to black.)

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