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The Shrieker, popularly also known as the Space Monster, is an alien monster and enemy of the Teen Titans, particularly Robin and Starfire.

Character history

The Shrieker in combat with the Titans

The Shrieker first appeared on an orbital space station, where it wrecked the command facilities. The Teen Titans were summoned to investigate the station's failure and soon encountered the creature, where it attacked them. Despite a valiant effort, they could not restrain or defeat it, and one of its sonic screeches finally damaged the station critically, triggering its detonation. The Titans escaped in the T-Ship just before the station exploded, but the Shrieker latched onto the ship and transmitted its shriek through Robin's canopy, scrambling his ongoing radio transmission. This made the others erroneously believe that he was ordering them to separate, which they did. The monster still held onto Robin's pod, but finally had to let go when Robin initiated a forced reentry into the atmosphere of a nearby planet, forcing it to detach itself from Robin's pod.

However, even the fall from orbit did not finish the Shrieker, who immediately went hunting after Robin and Starfire. Robin glued the creature’s mouth shut to prevent it from shrieking again. Robin and Starfire both finally managed to trick the monster by making it jump after them into a ravine, from which they emerged safely thanks to Starfire's flight power, while the Shrieker plunged into its dark depths. The Shrieker's current whereabouts are unknown, though it seems The Shrieker had died in the fall.

Powers and abilities

The Shrieker's primary ability is releasing a powerful, high-pitched sonic scream which is capable of causing great damage in its area of effect. Furthermore, the monster is capable of surviving any type of hostile conditions like exposure to radiation, the conditions in outer space, and the heat friction of a forced atmospheric reentry. Shrieker also seems to have incredible agility as it was shown dodging all the Titans' attacks with little effort.


Shrieker in the episode "Go!"

  • He is one of the few villains that did not join the Brotherhood of Evil.
    • However, he also reappears in the fifth season: In the episode "Go!", he is seen as one of the alien prisoners aboard the Gordanian transport ship (possibly a subtle clue as to why it had ended up in space in the first place).
  • Shrieker also bears a slight resemblance to the Superman villain "Preserver".
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