200px-7-Gorn-7 (Earth-Teen Titans)
is a giant robot that was seen in Episode 257-494. In the episode, Control Freak recruited Seven-Gorn-Seven with the Creature from Jones Lake and Off-World Outlaw. When Beast Boy was in a black and white TV show, he meets a family. When a "visitor" knocked on the door, it was Seven-Gorn-Seven. Sometime later, Seven-Gorn-Seven and the other villains tried to stop the Teen Titans, but they were all defeated.

Seven-Gorn-Seven appears again in Calling All Titans. When the Brotherhood of Evil recruited the enemies of the Teen Titans, they send Control Freak and the Puppet King to capture Honorary Titan Killowat. After three of Control Freak's villains were defeated, Control Freak sends Seven-Gorn-Seven as the last one to attack Killowat, but Killowat used one blast of his electric beams which destroyed Seven-Gorn-Seven less than a second. Control Freak became powerless, before the Puppet King attacked Killowatt.


  • Seven-Gorn-Seven is a clone of Robby the Robot, a character from the 1956 film the Forbidden Planet. "Gorn" is also a name for an alien race from the movie Star Trek.
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