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Scarface in.

Scarface is a ghost-like creation that was created by Brushogun and he was first seen in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. He is Raven's opponent when she wanders in a cemetery and Scarface sneaks behind her. Scarface is black and gray on his face. Raven tried to make him stop following her, but Scarface was too fast, Raven somehow managed to defeat and destroy him. It faded away after Daizo was beaten by the Titans along with the rest of Brushogun's creations. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Above-Average Agility: Scarface is very agile, capable of dodging stone and blasts of energy without trouble.
  • Enhanced Speed: Scarface is extremely fast.
  • Intangibility: Because Scarface is a ghost, he can go through any object as well as the ground without having to do anything.
  • Flight: Scarface can fly and levitate.
  • Full Body Elasticity: Scarface can stretch his body horizontally and vertically ranging from 5 inches to 10 feet.
  • Ghost Traits: To intimidate and hinder opponents, Scarface can open his body and release faces showing different emotions.
  • High Strength: Scarface has high strength, able to break concrete and break Raven's dark energy constructs.
  • Shadow Mimicry: Scarface can change his shadow appearance to anything he wants. He can also completely change his body form into an entire shadow to make him more stealthy while still following his opponent.


  • Scarface closely resembles No-Face from Spirited Away.
  • Scarface's name is similar to the evil dummy, Scarface from the Batman series.
  • It is unknown if Scarface's name makes a reference to a 1983 film called Scarface.
  • Scarface appears again in the Teen Titans Go! episode "Dreams". Cyborg refers to him as "The Crazy Ghost", all he says is "What?!?", and his voice sounds like Grover from Sesame Street.


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