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Quote1.pngI am Sarasim, leader of this tribe. And who is this 'dude' of which you speak?Quote2.png
―Sarasim, welcoming Cyborg the Barbarian

Sarasim is a female warrior from an ancient past and a particularly close friend and love interest of Cyborg.

Character history

Sarasim in full armor

While Cyborg was exhibiting the virtues of modern technology to the other Titans when he was unexpectedly yanked 5,000 years into the past, right into the middle of a battle between a barbarian tribe and a horde of green, slimish monsters. At first highly reluctant to interfere with the past, Cyborg quickly changed his mind when he saw one of the warriors being threatened by one of the creatures and eradicated the monsters all on his own. The barbarians welcomed him in their midst, and the warrior he had saved turned out to be a woman: the leader of the barbarians, by the name of Sarasim, who declared him her people's champion.

Initially, Cyborg was unwilling to spend any more time than he had to, but slowly he came to care both for the villagers and Sarasim herself, and Sarasim also fell in love with him. However, both did not know that the monster attacks were masterminded by Krall, one of Sarasim's warriors who desired both Sarasim and the position of champion for himself, and his witch ally. Seeing how Cyborg managed to persevere against all odds, Krall attempted a more direct approach by taking Cyborg to the witch, who would transport him home again. But just as he was preparing to leave, Cyborg realized Krall's true intentions and fought him. Krall, desiring more power, was transformed into a more monstrous version of the witch's creatures, who defeated Cyborg with ease and cast him into the nearby river, leaving him for dead.

Sarasim's final victory

Cyborg was saved by Sarasim and her people, and now fully determined to stay, he helped them prepare for Krall's upcoming onslaught. Krall singled out Sarasim and fought her, easily beating her to the ground, while Cyborg was separated from her by his minions. In desperation, Cyborg decided to use his last power reserves to finish Krall with a sonic blast, but was pulled back into the present by Raven's magic before he could fire. Devastated, Cyborg retreated into his quarters where Raven shortly visited him, presenting him with an ancient volume which chronicled the battle and Sarasim's final victory over Krall, which comforted Cyborg over his loss.

The rest of Sarasim's life remains unknown.


Sarasim is a tan woman with dark lips, dark brown hair, and blue eyes.


Sarasim is a strong leader and is grateful to Cyborg for his help in battle, as well as impressed by his strength, thus declaring him her people's champion. Over time she and Cyborg grow close, and form a romantic relationship.


  • Sarasim is an obvious juxtaposition of the name Sarah Simms, Cyborg's closest love interest in the DC mainstream Teen Titans comic series.
  • Sarasim also sounds like Saracen, an ancient Islamic empire whose insignia was a crescent moon, similar to her empire's insignia.

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