Sarah Simms is a girl who appeared in the comic book series Teen Titans Go!

She works with disabled kids in Jump City and later ends up dating Cyborg. They broke up for a time, but later reconciled in "Cyborg's Story" right before she went off to college.

Appearances in The Comics


  • She was a main love interest of Cyborg in the original DC comics as well. At first, the two were rivals due to them both wanting to be the Titans' technician. But soon, they developed a close relationship.
  • In the episode "Cyborg the Barbarian", Cyborg falls in love and kisses a woman from the past named Sarasim (whose name and that of Sarah's sound similar). It is unknown if she has any connection to Sarah Simms though.
    • In "Cyborg's Story" it's implied that Sarah might be her reincarnation.
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