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The Wiki Editing Guidelines defines how articles in this wiki should be formatted.

Starting off

First time in the wiki? You may refer to the Community Central guidelines here.

Writing conventions

  • Please use American English, as it is the spelling and grammar adopted for the show.
  • Contents should be clear and easy to understand.
  • Only include information that is relevant to the article.
  • Speculations, opinions should never be used in the mainspace articles. Avoid adding content with unknown status (e.g. "The origins of Newfu is unknown"). Please use the Discussions instead.
  • Avoid first- or second-person narratives (e.g. "You can see this at the top-right corner")
  • Do not use shorteners (e.g. Isn't, they're, she's) unless directly quoted from the show/comic.


Articles should contain links where readers can navigate to related pages. Link an article only once, at its first occurrence.

  • If the link is within this wiki, input [[article name|intended name]]. The "intended name" field is not required if it is the same as the article name.
  • If the link is to another wiki within the Fandom network, input [[w:c:wiki name:article name|intended name]].
  • If the link is to a Wikipedia page, input [[Wikipedia:article name|intended name]].
    • Wikipedia links should only be used in trivia sections, or to define complex terms in an article.
  • For any other external links, input [URL intended name] (e.g. [twitter.com Twitter]).


  • In source editing, infoboxes must be placed at the top, while navboxes, categories and interwiki links must be placed at the bottom of the page.
  • Bold the article name and its alternatives at its first occurrence.
  • Use italics when referring to Teen Titans as the show, not the group. Italics should also be adopted on titles of books, shows, songs etc.
  • Include quotation marks on episode titles, comic issues, speeches (e.g. "Betrothed").
    • Never use any other punctuation within quotation marks except in speeches.

Manual of Style

This section specifies how each type of article should be structured. Each bullet points represents a header within the article.


  • Synopsis: A brief summary of the episode
  • Plot: Detailed recount of the episode
  • Characters: List of characters that appeared in the episode
  • Credits
  • Trivia


  • Character History: Write up part of the episode plot where the character was featured in.
  • Appearance: Description of what the character looks like
  • Personality
  • Powers and Abilities
  • Relationships (only if prominent enough)
  • Appearances: List of episodes where the character was featured in
  • Trivia


Contents for locations/items should include:

  • Description: What the object/location looks like
  • History: Write up part of the episode plot where it was featured in
  • Appearances: List of episodes where it was featured in
  • Trivia (if any)


Contents for crew member articles should include:

  • Background: A brief summary of what they do, how they end up working on the show. You may include any other significant works within the DC Comics universe (maximum 3).
  • List of episodes they have worked on (not applicable for voice actors)
  • For voice actors, you may list other animated shows where they have provided their voice for. One section for DC-related, one section for other shows, maximum 5 each.
  • Trivia: Other significant points about the crew member
  • External links (if applicable): Only official sites (e.g. IMDb), social networks, and the crew member's official website(s) are permitted.


Screenshots used for episode/short/movie galleries must follow the episode title (e.g. Nevermore1.png, Nevermore2.png etc). If you would like to add another screenshot into the gallery, use the next available number or insert a new subset (e.g. Crash54(1).png).

All screenshots must be placed in chronological order, from the start of the episode to the end.

Frame to frame uploads (i.e. 3 or more screenshots from the same scene) are not permitted.

Do not add fan art into gallery pages.

Keep captions to a maximum of 60 characters.


Transcripts show what the characters exactly say in the episode/short/movie, not what you think it should have been said. If you find mistakes in the dialogues (e.g. Spelling errors, or that the dialogue had mistakes in the first place), please use the edit summary to describe the changes. Otherwise, do not attempt to edit the dialogues for any other reasons.

Italics should be used when describing actions. Avoid referencing other shows or use complex terms.


Contents for game articles should include:

  • Plot: A brief recount of what happens in the game, and the objectives of the game.
  • Characters: List of characters featured in the game.
  • Gameplay: How to play the game
  • Trivia

Cheat codes must be masked with a SpoilerAlert using <div id="SpoilerAlert">Codes here</div>.