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Teen Titans Go! TV Series and Titans

The Teen Titans Wiki is only for content relating to the original 2003 animated series, its comic book spinoff , and the related games. We will not be recording the data for this new series, as it is not in continuity with the original series. There is already a Teen Titans Go! Wiki for content pertaining to the new TV series. Please add such information there. The same applies to the live-action Titans series. Their wiki can be found here .


You will at first be given a warning. If you do not follow the warning, you will be blocked at the admin's discretion...which means the more you pissed off the admin, the longer the block will be.

Harassment includes:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Attacking people for liking something you don't like, or hating something you do
  • Threatening a user
  • Threatening, insulting, or arguing with the admin (what kind of idiot harasses the person who can block them from the entire wiki, anyway?)
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Attempting to frame another user for something they did not do
  • Cyberstalking
  • Profanity

Inappropriate Images

What's allowed on Articles

Screencaps, comic scans, and other official images are perfectly okay, as long as they're from the original Teen Titans, related games, and the Teen Titans Go! comic (not the current cartoon). Images from other comics are not acceptable (excepting when they're used to illustrate a point about the Teen Titans iteration of the character), nor are images from other DC cartoons; this is, after all, the Teen Titans Wiki. In addition, drawings, photoshops, or any other type of fanmade images are only allowed on userpages and blog posts, and do not belong on articles. Fanfictions also do not belong here (see below for details).

Image should be named appropriately, relating to their contents; do not upload files with random letters and numbers in the filename. Files that contain all random characters or only timestamps in the filename will be renamed or deleted. While this will not be enforced on userpages, we still strongly encourage you to rename the images. Screenshots used for episode/movie galleries must follow the episode title (E.g. Nevermore1.png, Nevermore2.png etc.)

Examples of acceptable filename: Emoticlones_in_Nevermore.png, JewelOfChartaBroken.png

Not acceptable: 9271djmvwm495t.jpeg, Screenshot 2020-11-24 at 2.39.40 PM.png

What's Allowed on userpages and blog posts

Fan edits and art is allowed on userpages and blog posts. However, they must meet the following requirements:

  • No Plagiarism: Taking another user's art without permission, claiming someone else's art to be your own, or editing another person's art and claiming it as your own, are not allowed. If you wish to decorate your userpage with someone else's art, make sure to ask permission from the artist, and then credit them in the image caption.
  • No NSFW art: This means no porn, no other sexual acts, no gore, no nudity, profanity, or referencing disturbing subject matter such as rape, sex slavery, etc. Also, please no politics. If you wouldn't want your parents, grandparents, children, or baby siblings seeing you posting it, then don't put it here. This wiki is PG.

Inappropriate Videos and Words.

No NSFW videos: This means no porn, no other sexual acts, no gore, no nudity, profanity, or referencing disturbing subject matter such as rape, sex slavery, etc. Also, please no politics. If you wouldn't want your parents, grandparents, or baby siblings seeing you posting it, then don't put it here.

No NSFW Wording: Same as above, As of 2020, rude words, inappropraite words and more will result in a warning or a straight ban depending on what it is. This wiki is intended for Everyone, inculding children. Please also respect Teen Titans is still classed as a Kids TV Show, regardless if it has ended all those years ago, so please respect its age group. A few people have done this already and its not acceptable by myself or any of the other admins/Mods.

No Teen Titans Go videos unless directly linked to the 2003 series.

Young Justice TV Series

Cartoon Network's Young Justice is an animated TV series based on the popular DC comic Young Justice, and is similar to Teen Titans, due to its relatable storyline of a group of younger superheroes. Feel free to add to their wiki page, but do not post Young Justice information here, please.

Fan Fiction

Want to write a Titans story of your own? As certain users here have expressed the desire to write fan fiction of Teen Titans (and as the series itself has ended, making it unlikely to have further exclusive news), the Teen Titans Fan Fiction Wiki has been created for exactly such a purpose, though is still ripe in its development. Please go here: Teen Titans Fan Fiction wiki and create an account to start writing fanfic. Please do not post fan fic stuff on this wiki, this is for the TV series and comics only.


Please no. Wikia is not the best place to discuss politics. Just please, don't. You will receive a warning the first time, and after that, if you repeat, you may be blocked.

Sockpuppet accounts

If you make a new account in response to being blocked, that account shall also be blocked upon discovery. Your original block will also be extended for up to an additional month.

New accounts that are permanently blocked and have created another will result to being reported to the Wiki Central staff, as this is against terms of service.

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