Rorek of Nol was a powerful wizard and enemy of the dragon Malchior.


Rorek of Nol was a powerful wizard in Europe 1,000 years ago. He went out to battle the evil dragon Malchior, but found that his opponent's magical and physical powers vastly outmatched his own. As a last resort, Rorek used his spellbook as a focus to imprison the dragon inside it with an ancient curse. Later on, he chronicled this titanic battle in the book.

What happened to Rorek afterwards remains unknown. His identity was usurped by the trapped Malchior, who exchanged his name for Rorek's in the book's pages and vice versa to faciliate his eventual release by the Teen Titan Raven. However, shortly afterwards Malchior was cursed back into the book, which was then kept under lock and key until Malchior's re-release by the Brotherhood of Evil.

Powers and Abilities

Rorek possesses highly powerful mystical abilities as an experienced and formidable wizard, having mastered many arts of European Earth sorcery in his prime. Rorek was capable of holding his own fairly well in direct combat against Malchior, and ultimately was able to seal his body and soul into his enchanted book. Rorek was capable of using his vast powers for a variety of magical feats, ranging from raising shields of white magical force, projecting a ball of white energy sending sparks to paralyze another being, even one as a dragon, causing a section of the earth to collapse by creating fissures, and summoning the forces of his enchanted book to cast a curse older than Malchior himself (Aldruon Enlenthra Nalthos Sola Narisnor) to bind him within the book. Rorek appears to be reasonably athletic, though not naturally invulnerable to physical attacks, and is garbed in steel armor that serves as mundane physical protection. Though Rorek is shown to use Necronom Hezberek Mortix, which Raven deems "dark magic", it is possible that Malchior himself altered the story to his own version to make Rorek speak thus. Though Rorek does not need to utter spoken incantations for all his magical feats, the more powerful ones require such invocations to take effect, due to their potency.

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