The Robot Commandos are Slade's silent foot soldiers.

Character history

The Robot Commandos first appeared in "Masks" when Slade sent them to steal a computer chip from a research lab. They failed in their mission but when Robin concocted his own plan by assuming the identity of Red X, they were seen again in large numbers after Slade revealed that he knew it was Robin.

Their next appearance was in "Apprentice - Part 1", when the Titans arrived at a warehouse at the docks and were confronted by a large force of Commando robots. Robin defeated each and everyone of them, but apparently, that only served to push him further to Slade's trap.

The commandos appeared many times in Season 2 and in large numbers as usual. First was in "Terra", where they were sent by Slade to presumably takeover a diamond mine. However, this was revealed to be nothing more than a ploy by Slade to get Terra alone.

In the first scenes of "Betrayal", the Robot Commandos were apparently stealing technology from a lab and easily overpowered the police while doing so. The titans defeated them, of course, but in reality, it was just so Slade could scan them for more information about how to defeat them. The real attack came when Terra deactivated the security at Titans Tower and Slade sent an army of 200 commando robots to destroy the Titans. Fortunately, the attack failed and the robot army simply littered most of the tower in piles.

Finally, in "Aftershock - Part 2", the commando robots appeared in vast numbers as they patrolled all over Jump City once Slade and Terra took it over. They swarmed all over the Titans, but thanks to Robin's explosives, they were finally dealt with. The Robot Commandos were not seen after that, save a flashback scene in X.

They made a few appearances in the Teen Titans Go! comics, most notably when General Immortus paid Chang to give him a large collection of them for his own scheme. Ravager came looking for them afterwards, but when Chang stated that he sold them, she destroyed his laboratory.

Powers and abilities

The Robot Commandos have excellent agility and above average strength and speed. However, they are considerably weak when fighting as individuals, hence why they are usually seen attacking in large numbers. Slade has also augmented their strength by equipping them with blasters.


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