Ttg47 cover

Cover of Issue 47

Regarding Robin & One Morning is #Issue 47 of the Teen Titans Go! comics.

Teen Titans Go

Writer: J. Torres

Interior Artwork: Christine Norrie and Michael Chang

Cover by: Todd Nauck

Release date: September 26, 2007

Finally, the origin of Robin can be told! Plus, witness a day in the lives of Starfire and Raven. Which one of them will stop Gizmo's latest crime spree?


Regarding Robin


Robin's solemn reflections

It was a sorrowful day for Robin, as it was the anniversary of his parents' deaths, and Robin had been close to crying for the entire story. Starfire later arrives on the rooftop of Titans Tower, seeing Robin without his mask on, crying. She comforts him, allowing him to vent. He says that her presence helps him remember that there's more to life than fighting crime.


Batman's cameo

Batman watches them on the rooftop through a pair of binoculars. Robin and Starfire finally kiss, much to Batman's happiness, as he knows that Robin will now be in better hands.

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