Red X Unmasked is the eighth episode of the New Teen Titans shorts.


With Red X captured, the Titans decide to find out the true identity of the anti-hero. While Beast Boy guesses "Jason Todd", Robin pulls off Red X's mask, revealing Beast Boy's correct guess, or so they thought. Beast Boy then pulls off "Jason Todd"'s mask and finds Speedy. However Starfire pointed that the real Speedy is standing at a corner, waving at the Titans. Robin throws the Red X mask (which landed on Speedy), and pulls off "Speedy"'s mask to reveal The Source. Beast Boy promptly turns into a dinosaur and gobbles up the Newfu.

After several attempts, the "Slade" mask drops itself to reveal an explosive device which blew up right in front of the Titans. Red X breaks free, jumps on top of the fainted Titans and invites them to keep guessing before making his escape. Beast Boy shouted, still believing that Jason Todd was the true identity, before being smacked on his mouth with Red X's plaster.



  • Jason Todd is another character in the DC Universe that has previously taken up the role of Robin.
  • The Source appears in this short despite being eaten by Cyborg in "Employee of the Month".
  • Batman is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in this short.


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