This is the transcript for the short "Red X Unmasked".


(Opening shot: A close up of Red X, tied up on a chair)

Robin: We captured Red X!

(Camera zooms out to the Titans. Robin stands on Red X's left, with the rest on his right)

Beast Boy: Dude! It has to be Jason Todd!

(Robin pulls off Red X's mask)

Beast Boy: Told ya, Jason Todd!

Jason Todd: Am I?

Beast Boy: Who else looks like Robin and wears a mask? (A light bulb flashes over his head) Oh, got it! (pulls off the Jason Todd mask) Speedy!

Starfire: (looks to the left) Umm, isn't the Speedy over there?

(Camera pans to the left to show the real Speedy at a corner, waving to the Titans. Robin tosses the Red X mask, which lands on Speedy's head and knocks him out cold. Robin pulls off another mask)

The Source: We are Newfu! It is our way...

(Before the Source could finish his evil speech, Beast Boy morphs into a T-Rex and gobbles the Newfu whole. Then another head pops up, and turns to Robin)

Alfred Pennyworth: Oh, do untie me, master.

(Robin immediately pulls out the mask to reveal his own mentor)

Batman: I am darkness. I am the knight. I...

(Another mask pulled off by Starfire, and she finds her pet)

Starfire: Silkie!

(Another mask pulled off by Robin, and he finds his alternate self)

Larry: Robin, hi, I love you!

(Another mask pulled off by Robin, and he finds his number one enemy)

Titans: Slade!

(Camera turns over to a shot of the Titans, then turns back to Slade's mask)

Slade: Hello, Robin.

(The mask drops off to reveal an explosive device shaped as a robot, with its eyes counting down from 3 seconds. The camera zooms in to the robot at every second, and after the timer reaches zero the camera turns back to the Titans, stunned. The device blows up right in their faces, knocking them out. Red X is finally freed and hops on the fainted Titans)

Red X: Keep guessing, kids. (Makes his escape)

Beast Boy: I still think you're Jason Todd! (A red X tape flies from the left and smacks onto Beast Boy's mouth)

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