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Red Star appeared in the Teen Titans animated series episode "Snowblind." He assisted Starfire during a mission in Russia and quickly became a friend and ally to her and the Titans; he is also one of the few superheroes in the series to be addressed by his real name, and is addressed as a Captain by Raskov, a former general in charge of the program. Red Star was voiced by Jason Marsden.

Red Star's powers are super strength, stamina, and (later) flight and energy blast projection. However, his powers were bestowed to him in a government experiment for creating super-soldiers, and they are fueled by intense and dangerous radiation, which would sometimes go berserk under emotional stress. For this reason Red Star has been living in voluntary exile in an abandoned Siberian nuclear power plant, where he uses the facilities to funnel his excess radiation into water capsules whenever his frustration and, therefore, the energy would build up too much. A leakage in the containment unit made the radiation melt up the snow outside which would seep into a pond, where it eventually created a plasma monster which wreaks havoc on the surrounding settlements, acting out Red Star's latent resentments. Red Star gets blamed for the creature's actions, partly because of the destruction he had inadvertently caused when his powers went berserk the first time

Encouraged by Starfire to embrace his power instead of fighting it back, Red Star fights the creature and destroys it by pumping it full with an overdose of radioactive energy. However, the energy within his body thus rises to uncontrollable levels, and he asks Starfire to take him into space, where his power is released in a gigantic explosion. Before his departure, however, the Titans have made Red Star an honorary member, and his fellow people, who have previously shunned and feared him, now view him as a hero.


Red Star at full power

Red Star inexplicably reappears in "Titans Together" along with Starfire and Bumblebee in the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Evil to help the Titans fight the assembled supervillains. His reappearance remains unexplained, although he seems to retain his enhanced strength and in "Snowblind" it is hinted that the explosion was a catalyst to his gaining full control of his powers.

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