Raven's Mirror is a magical relic, whom resembles a mirror, that she uses to aid her in her meditation rituals, though she seems perfectly capable of performing them even without it. The mirror also acts as a portal into her mind, which seems to be a dimension all by its own. Raven's mirror was first seen when Beast Boy and Cyborg went into Raven's room to apologize. Beast Boy started fooling around with her mirror which caused both himself and Cyborg to be teleported into her mind. They met a few of Raven's Emoticlones, but were interrupted by the arrival of the real Raven. She told them to leave because of the presence of Red Raven, who had taken the form of Trigon. Beast Boy and Cyborg, instead of leaving, stayed and contributed in helping her defeat Red Raven. After Red Raven was defeated by the three, they returned to Raven's room unharmed.

The Mirror can be activated through mere physical contact, even from non-mystical beings who possess no knowledge of its function.


Season 1

Teen Titans Go! comics


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