Raven's Mind is an ominous looking realm that was first seen in the episode, "Nevermore". The realm is accessible through the use of Raven's Mirror.


Beast Boy and Cyborg were sent here after accidentally triggering Raven's mirror, which acts as a portal between the real world and her mind.


  • Emoticlones, alternate versions of Raven's personality. Each one looks exactly like Raven, except they have different colored cloaks and hue to their leotards.
  • Black birds who told Beast Boy and Cyborg to leave and seemed nice (according to Beast Boy), but then they attacked Cyborg and Beast Boy.
  • Two guards, who are supposed to stop anyone who tries to escape the maze by combining themselves into a two-bodied guard and with two swords. Cyborg and Beast Boy tried to take them down, to no avail, but Green/Brave Raven, however, was able to destroy them.


  • This realm is often referred to as "Nevermore" by fans, based on the episode in which it appears.
  • The skies possibly correspond with the emoticlone that has the most power. When Beast Boy and Cyborg first entered Raven's mind, the skies were tinted with red, possibly signifying the power Rage/Red Raven was gaining in the dimension. After she (in the form of Raven's father) was defeated, the skies turned to black and white, signifying balance.
  • Each emoticlone appears to have their own area along the path that represents their respective emotion. The Pink Version has a bright and cheerful area, representing Raven's happy side, while The Graphite Version has an unescapable maze that represents Raven's lonely and insecure side.
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