Raven's Emoticlones are different sides of her personality that reside within her mind. They all resemble Raven in appearance, but each one wears a uniquely colored cloak, the color of which will hint at which aspect of Raven they represent.

List of Emoticlones

The Emoticlones are physical manifestations of Raven's emotions that reside within her mindscape in the episode "Nevermore".

Pink (Happiness)


Quote1.pngI always thought you were funny, B.B. But hey, looks aren't everything. (Laughs)Quote2.png

The Pink Version is the embodiment of Raven's happiness. She is quite expressive and cheerful. The Pink Version debuted when Beast Boy and Cyborg thought they were falling to their death. But the ground was upside-down, so they landed painfully, which gave her a laugh. She is more playful than the real Raven, and she seems to enjoy Beast Boy's company (ironically the feeling is not mutual with him). Her domain was the forest with yellow skies, pink clouds and floating strawberries.

Graphite (Timidity)


Quote1.pngFor the hundred millionth time, WE FORGIVE YOU!Quote2.png
Beast Boy and Cyborg[src]

The Graphite Version is the embodiment of Raven's timidity, sadness, sense of loneliness, insecurity, rejection and fear. She is extremely regretful and apologetic, constantly apologizing to Beast Boy and Cyborg for even the slightest things that the real Raven has done or said to them. She holds on to Raven's deepest, most guarded feelings, such as her fear that her teammates, namely Beast Boy, don't like her. Her domain is a giant maze of indestructible stone.

Green (Bravery)


Quote1.pngHigh fives! C'mon!Quote2.png

The Green Version is the embodiment of Raven's bravery and fighting spirit, making her a tomboy. She enjoys fighting, and she displays feats of strength equal to even the strongest characters in the series. She also likes to use fighting phrases to talk down to enemies or express triumph.

The Green Version is not all above going up against friends and allies, however. In the comic, she actually kicks Cyborg hard in the face when he refuses to let go of her ankle. But unless made angry, she's pretty upbeat, outgoing and a good helping hand.

Orange (Rudeness/Laziness)


The Orange Version of Raven, from as little of we know of her, has bad manners. Not only is she rude but she also mouths off to Cyborg in the comic when he calls her, "Miss Rude with attitude" (her response: "Who're you calling rude, baldy?"). She also regularly uses sarcasm in her appearance in the comic, indicating that she is the emotion responsible for most of Raven's sarcastic quips.

Yellow (Knowledge)


The Yellow Version is the intellectual part of Raven, and unlike the other Emoticlones, she wears an additional accessory in the form of glasses. She plays the role of a problem-solver and seems to take the more logical choice in dire situations as seen in Pieces of Me where she and the Graphite Version were the only ones who did not run away from the Titans.

Violet (Passion/Love)


The Violet Version represents Raven's more outgoing feminine side and romantic interests, and like the Pink and Green Versions, also has a loving smile. During her debut in the episode Nevermore, she gives Beast Boy a passionate smile, depicting the relationship he'll have with Raven much later in the series. She is seen flirting with Beast Boy in the issue from "Teen Titans Go!" Pieces of Me.

Brown (Sloth)


The Brown Version is the manifestation of Raven's sloppier qualities. In an issue of Teen Titans Go!, Starfire describes her as being "hygienically challenged" in the comics when she was seen rooting though a dumpster, eventually coming up with a dirty sock with a hole in the toe (and being delighted at her find) expressing how anyone could throw out a perfectly good sock.

Red (Anger)


The Red Version is the manifestation of Raven's darker urges. Unlike the other Versions, this emoticlone has her four glowing red eyes when she loses her temper. Because her demonic heritage whenever Raven loses control of her anger, her Red Version takes a form similar to Trigon. As Raven herself notes, the battle with Doctor Light let her Red Version get lose and attempt to take her over.

White (Perfect Balance)

Pure White Raven in the three-part fourth season finale "The End".

The White Version of Raven is seen in several episodes. She is not a true emoticlone, but actually an embodiment of Raven at full strength and power. She is first seen when Raven unites with all of her emotions in Nevermore to combat her Rage, and Raven herself later turned white during her brief friendship with Malchior and again to battle her father Trigon after the world had come to an end. In this case, the White Version represents Raven when she draws on her entire inner strength and power or when she is in emotional harmony with herself, which she has displayed only in relation to her closest friends. It also represent her spirit being cleansed of her father's evil. In this form, Raven emits a white glow, and during her battle with Trigon her hair grows to waist-length.

  • 1st Appearance: In the episode "Nevermore", Raven unites with her emotions and becomes a gigantic white version of herself to subdue her Rage.
  • 2nd Appearance: In the episode "How long is Forever?", future Raven appears with a white cloak, although the reasons for which are not stated.
  • 3rd Appearance: In the episode "Spellbound", Raven began turning white as her friendship with Malchior grew and he began teaching her magic. However, by the time she found out about his true evil identity, she used her new-found balance to defeat Malchior in dragon form.
  • 4th Appearance: In the episode "The End - Part 3", a younger version of herself wearing white clothing was present throughout the episode and after her body and memories were restored, she once again became her White Version to defeat Trigon once and for all.
  • 1st apearence in the comic: Issue 44, Red Version atacks, that time is present because Raven does not recover her Red Version Emoticlone (the only one who is not nesesary for that form) after pieces of her, because she do not have his red clone, she can maintain in that state without problem, and act more happy and kind than usual. Making that more a artificial lost of anger than a true emotion control.

Sand clone (Unknown/presumed, Timidity and Knowledge) A fusion of the Yellow and Graphite Versions (the only two don't run out) in pieces of her, created for Jericho taking over her Yellow Version and later taking over her Graphite Version rejoined these, because of Jericho over control, her personality is unknown.

Light Green clone (Unknown/presumed, Timidity, Knowledge and Bravery) Jericho in control of the sand clone repeats the process with the green clone, because of his control over her personality is unknown.


  • Raven's Emoticlones might be a reference to the Emotional Spectrum in the main DC universe, which are represented also by several colors, all wielded by light corps like the Green Lanterns and the Star Sapphires. In addition, some of the Emoticlones correlate directly with some of the lights of the Emotional Spectrum:
    • Red = Rage
    • Violet = Passion
    • Green = Bravery/Will
    • White = All combined.
    • Blue = Calm/Hope.
  • The exceptions are the Yellow and Orange Versions, which correspond to Wisdom and Rudeness rather than Fear and Greed, respectively.
    • Ironically enough, they embody the emotions Raven typically displays.
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