Quote1.pngI am called Ravager! And I'm here to finish my father's work by taking you down!!Quote2.png
―Ravager to the Teen Titans

Rose Wilson, codename Ravager, is a minor character and former villainess, later Honorary Titan, appearing exclusively in the Teen Titans Go! comic series. She is the daughter of Slade. She never appeared in the show itself, nor was she ever mentioned by Slade.

Character History

Ravager is the biological daughter of Slade, arch nemesis of the Teen Titans. In her father's honor, she wears a mask; much like her father's which covers her left eye.

Rose introduces herself as the daughter of Slade and "the Ravager"

In Teen Titans Go! #49, Ravager returns to Jump City, hoping to claim "what is rightfully hers". Ravager finds Wintergreen and Professor Chang, both of whom had something which belonged to her father. It is revealed here that all of Slade's robot commandos were built by Professor Chang. However, Professor Chang had already sold the robots to General Immortus in Teen Titans Go! #35, which angers Ravager so much that she leaves him shaking with fear when the Titans come to his aid. Now Ravager goes on a rampage in Jump City, determined to carry on her father's legacy; defeating the Teen Titans once and for all. However, after fighting with them, Ravager understands that she does not have to carry on her father's legacy, and needs not follow in his footsteps as another enemy of the Titans. The Titans offer her a home and a family and they tell her that she is free to make her own decisions in life. Touched by the Titans' words of friendship, she decides to frequently train (but not officially join) with them until she is ready to face her future as a better person.

Physical Appearance

Ravager is light-skinned, has long platinum blonde hair, and dark greyish-blue eyes.

Like her father, she wears a mask that covers her left eye and exposes her right eye, but partially obscures her upper face and tied like a bandana. She also wears a light grey bodysuit with a white collar that covers her entire torso and arms, but with a bikini-style, black tank top with grey straps, shoulder pads, black and grey gauntlets, black skin-tight pants with armor on the thighs, knee pads, and black boots with grey soles and plating on the back of the feet.


Comic Books


  • In the original comics, Rose Wilson wasn't the first character named Ravager. The first to bear the name Ravager was Slade's firstborn son Grant. Grant once tried to kill the Titans, but he ended up getting killed himself. Since then, other criminals assumed the name "Ravager" until it was taken by Rose.
  • In the original comics, she actually cut out her left eye in an effort to emulate her father instead of wearing a mask. Here she covers her left eye for unknown reasons.
  • In The Apprentice, Part 2, Slade had said to Robin that may even be like a father to him. He did, however, reference the fact that he already was a father or has any children.
  • Rose shares some similarities with Karai from the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series. After her adoptive father, the Utrom Shredder, was defeated and exiled; a vengeful Karai vowed to follow in his footsteps and became the new Shredder, determined to terminate the Turtles' once and for all in the name of her "father." Also, Karai's main weapon was a katana.
  • The original comics version of Rose Wilson was an inspiration for Terra's cartoon interpretation. Terra in the original New Teen Titans comics was a villain who willingly worked as a double agent for Slade from the start and hated and betrayed the Titans, in the cartoon she is much more like Rose in the original comics who was heroic (or anti-heroic/morally grey), became a member of the Titans and was manipulated by Slade to join his side. Terra's hair is longer in the cartoon most likely to match Rose's hair length. When she starts working for Slade the bangs of her hair cover one of her eyes which is very reminiscent of how Rose removed her eye to prove her loyalty to Slade and wears an eye patch/face covering that reveals one eye.


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