The R-Cycle is the motorcycle used exclusively by Robin for short-range transportation and pursuits.


The R-Cycle is a customized motorbike optimized for high speed pursuits. Its technical statistics are unknown, but it seems to equal or even surpass standard high-end racing bikes. The only bikes which can match its performance are likewise customized tuned-up pieces, such as the bikes used by Johnny Rancid and Red X.

In addition to its land-based capabilities, the R-cycle is fitted with two jump thrusters which enable both long-distance jumps (provided a ramp is used) and break falls from a great height. It also seems to be fitted with a computer used for aiding in high-speed navigation and stopping the bike if it is left riderless. The cycle is armed with a pair of pop-out energy blasters mounted in the front section, which can be angled to about 45° upwards and downwards.

The R-Cycle can be combined with the T-Ship to form the head of the Titans Go-Bot 5.


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