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Quote1.pngNow that's music to my ears, the sound of chaos!Quote2.png
―Punk Rocket

Punk Rocket is a villain and enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character history

Punk Rocket is a musical anti-authoritarian who came to the U.S. from England to spread what he calls "the Sounds of Chaos".

Punk Rocket is first seen rudely interrupting a concert. The Teen Titans appeared, but were soundly defeated by him, unable to approach Punk Rocket through the massive sonic waves emitting from his guitar. Eventually, however, he was defeated by Beast Boy, who goaded him into cranking the guitar's volume up to maximum, overtaxing the sound system it was linked to and short circuiting the instrument in the process.

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Punk Rocket made a cameo in "For Real", where he was sitting with Le Blanc in prison watching the challenge for the Titans East set up by Control Freak.

Punk Rocket later joined the Brotherhood of Evil, and went with Angel to capture Bumblebee, but failed. When Beast Boy and his cohorts assaulted the Brotherhood base, he was defeated when Más knocked him into a portal created by Herald. It's presumed he was taken out of wherever the portal lead to afterwards and arrested.

Powers and abilities

Punk Rocket possesses a customized electric guitar which emits powerful sound blasts when played. These blasts are capable of disrupting Raven's dark energy and knocking a bull elephant about a hundred feet backward. These sound waves are also powerful enough to disrupt Cyborg's circuitry; to most others, they are unbearable. Punk Rocket is also able to ride the guitar through the air much in the fashion of a surfboard or hoverboard.

Punk Rocket has also demonstrated high-level acrobatic dexterity which enabled him to hold his own against Robin in hand-to-hand combat.


Teen Titans

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  • Punk Rocket's feature episode was 12 minutes long and could only be seen on Postopia for a campaign; it was never shown on T.V. It was released on DVD together with the feature film Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo.
  • He appears to be based on the British 80s rocker Billy Idol.
  • He was an enemy to Mad Mod and Mumbo in The Lost Episode. However, he was allied with both of them indirectly in the Brotherhood of Evil alliance of villains.
  • His name is an obvious parody of "punk rock" or "punk rocker".
  • Although Adonis' suit, Malchior (and his fire), and the tentacled creatures are able to be sucked in Herald's portals, Punk Rocket was not able to be sucked in, so Más had to push him in.
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