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Psimon is a super-villain and enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character history

Nothing is known of Psimon's background, the origin of his powers, and how he first came into conflict with the Titans before joining the Brotherhood of Evil in its efforts to eliminate young superheroes worldwide. When the Brotherhood executed its world-wide strike, Psimon teamed up with Kyd Wykkyd to ambush Raven as she came to the aid of Más y Menos. After a fierce aerial battle, in which Psimon matched his mental powers with Raven's magic, he opened a dimensional portal through which Raven was pushed by Kyd Wykkyd, banishing her to an unknown location.

However, Raven managed to return, summoning her former protegees Melvin, Timmy Tantrum, Teether, and Bobby on the way, and made her way to the Brotherhood's base to join Beast Boy and the remaining Titans in their final all-out assault against the assembled super-villains. During the fight, Raven confronted Psimon yet again, and using her raven aura to shield herself from his powers, she approached him closely enough to deliver a kick which knocked him out. Right afterwards, Psimon was picked up by Kid Flash and flash-frozen along with the rest of his compatriots.

Powers and abilities

Psimon is in command of vast mental powers. The full extent of his abilities remains unknown. The powers he has demonstrated so far are: levitation, telepathic blasts, and opening psycho-portative gateways. His psychic energy is shown to be on equal strength with Raven's. He also seems to have the ability to teleport wherever he desires, as after Kyd Wykkyd teleported onto Raven's mini T-Ship, he subsequently appeared. Also, he has been shown to move objects with his mind, which is considered telekinesis.

Teen Titans Go!

In issue #43 "The Fearsome Five", He assembled many super-villains to join him and Dr. Light's Fearsome Five. He impeached that the adding three more to the group is the optimum numbers to destroy the Titans, further indicted that the Brotherhood of Evil failed because "too many cooks spoil the broth".

The test was to fight each other until the last three stands. However, all of the villains were knocked out cold after the match. Gizmo and Mammoth who arrived late were selected without hesitation, Jinx who went undercover for the Titans also made the cut. The Fearsome Five infiltrated the tower but their plan was spoiled by Jinx who finally became a true titan and officially received her commutator.


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  • In the mainstream DC comics, Psimon was originally a physicist named Dr. Simon Jones. He was contacted by Trigon and given psychic, telepathic, and telekinetic powers in exchange for a mission to destroy the Earth. Psimon joined the Fearsome Five and eventually became the team's leader.
  • Psimon was originally going to appear in the episode "The Sum of His Parts", but was instead replaced by Fixit. Coincidentally, the two resemble each other.
  • Even though no one is written down as voicing him, he has grunted once: after Raven pounded him to the ground. Also, when Herald stepped on him, he grunted twice.
  • Psimon is a reoccurring villain in the Young Justice TV series.
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