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Fictional Character Biography

Chang is a scientist who specializes in dangerous equipment, usually xenothium rays of some sort, whether they be for stunning people or, in one case, zapping a huge hole in Titans Tower. He is quite like Dr. Light: easily intimidated, conceited, but skilled in the using and creation of high-tech machines.

However, he has a bad habit (or maybe it's just to annoy) of calling Robin, "little boy."

In one episode, he captures and freezes all the Titans but Robin, with the threat that if Robin should try to help them, Chang will use a giant laser to eliminate them all. Of course, Robin comes anyway, the only consequence being a big hole in the Titans Tower. Strangely, Red X also helps Robin defeat Chang, possibly because Red X knows that there's no point being a thief if there's no city to pillage.


  • Professor Chang is named after Teen Titans director Michael Chang.
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