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Quote1.pngSir, yes, sir! Private H.I.V.E.'s new motorcycle was originally half off, but with my five-finger discount...IT IS FREE!!Quote2.png
―Private H.I.V.E.[src]

Private H.I.V.E. is a former member of the H.I.V.E. Academy and the H.I.V.E. Five and an enemy of the Teen Titans. He is later called Sergeant H.I.V.E. in the Teen Titans Go! comics.

Character history

The exact origin of Private H.I.V.E. is unknown, but it appears that he had a military family background, which accounts for his compulsive militaristic behavior. At some point he was recruited as a student into the H.I.V.E. Academy. Cyborg later infiltrated the institute to discern the latest plans of its then-current headmaster, Brother Blood. In the wake of the resulting conflict the academy was destroyed and most of its students, including H.I.V.E., went freelance.

At some point, Private H.I.V.E. joined Jinx's H.I.V.E. Five, but on a confrontation with the Titans, in which he fought most notably against Cyborg, he was, along with his teammates, soundly defeated by Mother Mae-Eye and later put under her mind control.

He subsequently went his own way for a short time until he was recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil. Along with Fang, he was assigned to capture Jericho, but both were beaten off. Later, when the Brotherhood was about to freeze Robin, he, Mammoth, Adonis and Andre Le Blanc found Cinderblock in possession of several Titans. In reality, it was a clever plan set up by Beast Boy to infiltrate the Brain's base; however, Jericho, who had taken control of Cinderblock's body, gave them away by speaking. In the fight that followed, he fell victim to Jericho's power yet again when Beast Boy and his team of remnant Titans infiltrated the Brotherhood's base. During the Titans' last massive assault against the Brotherhood, he was defeated by Robin and flash-frozen along with his allies.

Teen Titans Go!

Private H.I.V.E. makes a number of appearances in the Teen Titans Go! comic series. He first appears in issue #26 "Call of the Wild" when he and other H.I.V.E. Five members commit a series of robberies. (This issue is set before "Titans Together", the penultimate episode of the TV series, since Jinx is still a thief who has yet to reform.)

H.I.V.E. was a guest villain in four loosely-connected issues which essentially describe his adventures after the events in "Titans Together" and saw him evolving from a lackey to a leader.

In #32 "Arena", H.I.V.E. was a champion fighter taking on all comers in a gladiatorial arena modeled after those of Ancient Rome and organized by Lanista. His opponents included Pantha, Beast Boy, Kole and Gnarrk, whom he beat resoundingly, making him the favorite of the crowd, including General Immortus. However, he was forced to flee when the other Titans intervened and broke up the illegal games.

In #35 "Enemy of My Enemy", H.I.V.E. was recruited by Immortus in order to get revenge on the Titans. H.I.V.E. lured the Titans into a trap, getting them to battle Slade's Robot Commandos, while he infiltrated their tower. He evaded some of the intruder traps but was eventually caught. Immortus had simply used H.I.V.E. to "take point", expose and get round the traps, and now contemptibly walked past him, ignoring H.I.V.E.'s requests to help him out of the trap he was caught in. Immortus then took possession of the Titans' giant Titans Go-Bot 5 combat robot (see #9 "War Machine") and captured the Titans. However, H.I.V.E. freed himself from the trap and took revenge by capturing Immortus himself and disabling the robot. Robin advised H.I.V.E. to "start taking the lead down a different path" and H.I.V.E. appeared to agree, though not in the way Robin meant.

In #43 "The Fearsome Five", H.I.V.E. was one of a number of candidates whom Doctor Light and Psimon called upon as potential members of a new super-villain team. H.I.V.E., however, stormed out, stating that he was "done taking orders from other people."

In #50 "Graduation Day", H.I.V.E., now calling himself Sergeant H.I.V.E., set about recruiting kids from the streets, runaways and homeless teenagers whom he helped stand up to exploiters and other underworld abusers. H.I.V.E. then trained them, put them through "boot camp" and got them to dress in uniforms similar to his own. Then, once they numbered in dozens if not hundreds, he let them loose to rob and steal and assault Titans all over the world. While the Titans were kept busy being submerged by the "Army Brats", Sergeant H.I.V.E. himself broke into Titans Tower, intending to take it over and use it as a new H.I.V.E. Academy. Unexpectedly, he found Robin in the building, coordinating the Titans as they dealt with his "Army Brats". Robin was suffering from chicken pox but still managed to defeat and capture H.I.V.E. Private H.I.V.E.'s strategy had an unexpected result: It convinced Robin to actually expand and take on more recruits, set up more Titan teams and even training camps for would-be heroes, which included former members of H.I.V.E.'s "Army Brats" (see issue #55 "When There's Trouble...").


Private H.I.V.E. behaves in the way of a typical army private: Standing to attention, obeying orders and addressing others as "Sir!". His speech and mannerisms are very much in line with an archetypal member of the United States armed forces.

With his soldier-like behavior, one would think he is duty bound to his evil lifestyle, but even though he tries to appear as an upstanding villain-in-training to veterans like The Brotherhood of Evil and Cinderblock, he really is as laid back as any of his H.I.V.E. Five teammates.

In Teen Titans Go!, he was seen taking orders from General Immortus who admired his talents. However, after being betrayed by Immortus, he decided to take charge of his own fate. He stormed out of the Fearsome Five recruitment tests since he was sick of taking orders from others. His independent characteristic surfaced when he became the leader of the Army Brats, training them into a disciplined force to take on Titans all over the globe.

Powers and abilities

Private H.I.V.E. has no super powers, but he is a peak-level athlete and hand-to-hand fighter. His primary weapon is his hexagonal shield, which he can fling like a discus to attack enemies at a distance and make it return to his hand (similar to Captain America).

He also appears to have some resistance to possession as when Jericho possessed him, his mind was still conscious and still retained partial control over his body.


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