Pop Quiz is issue #15 of Teen Titans Go!.


Introducing Kwiz Kid, who tries to stump Robin with brain teasers and booby-traps to impress his ex-girlfriend, Kitten (who has a crush on the Boy Wonder).


Kwiz Kid makes communication with the Titans Tower, and challenges Robin to find his location, using Kitten as a damsel in distress. Robin reluctantly accepts the challenge and the Titans set off to search for the first clue in Jump City's Ocean World. There they retrieve the first clue seal in an envelope and placed in an aquarium. The next clue reads "You must guess the score before the hockey game starts, or you'll never get to the third and fourth parts", which directed them to an ice hockey game in Jump City ice hockey arena.

In the arena, the Titans realized that there score they were looking for is "00", and that all of the ice hockey players were wearing uniforms with the number on their backs. They find the next clue carved within the ice rink, telling them to find the "tallest building in the city".

Despite suggestions from the other Titans, Robin figures out the answer lies in the city library, pointing out a pun that a library got the "most stories". Robin manages to find a book that was recently pulled out among a shelf that was mostly untouched (which left a blanket of dust on the edge of the shelf), turning to a page which reveals a map of Shark Island, the location of Kwiz Kid's base.

Seeing that the Titans were on their way, Kwiz Kid panicked and attempts to leave with Kitten, only to realize that the latter was using him to have Robin to "rescue" her and use him as her next date. As Kitten steps outside the base to receive Robin, she finds the Titans fighting off her father and his Mutant Moths, who thought that Kitten was in trouble as well. She explained that Kwiz Kid would not leave her alone until he takes her on a date, on her condition that he could outsmart Robin. However it was revealed that Kwiz Kid had made the distress call to Killer Moth in order to distract the Titans in battle while he made his escape, leaving a hologram projection of himself throughout the entire conversation. In the end, Kitten was taken away by her father to be grounded while the Titans look on.




  • At the end of the comic, Robin denies Kitten of another date, reminding her of their last one in "Date with Destiny".

Cultural references

  • Kwiz Kid uses many popular culture to reference himself as the enemy of Robin:
    • "Moriarty to Sherlock Holmes".
    • "Prince John to Robin Hood".
    • "Hydra to Hercules".
    • "Vader to Skywalker" - Star Wars.
    • "Kong to Mario" - Donkey Kong.


  • The scoreboard in the ice hockey arena displays a time of "25:00" at the start of the game. In reality, a professional game would only lasts for 20 minutes in one period.



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