Quote1.pngI don't know what's more disgusting, Plasmus, the way you look or the stuff you eat.Quote2.png

Plasmus is a villainous mutant monster that drinks toxic sewage and radioactive waste, and, by default, an enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character History

Plasmus' first incarnation.

Plasmus is actually a symbiote. While his original form is human, he involuntarily transforms into a large purple ooze monster whenever he is awake. As a result, whenever he is in custody, he is put into a soundproof stasis tank to prevent him from transforming, and visitors and prison workers must not make any noise whatsoever in order to make sure he is fast asleep.

Plasmus first appeared in the series when Cinderblock stole his stasis tank from prison so he could be reawakened and used as a decoy for Slade's purposes. At first, the Titans had trouble fighting him due to the absence of Cyborg, who had quit the team; as a result, Plasmus was able to capture Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy. He attempted to destroy Robin, but the boy wonder was rescued by Cyborg, and the two defeated Plasmus and saved the others by taking him out with an explosion.

His second incarnation in "Transformation."

In a later conflict, Plasmus began consuming waste from a sewer pipe at a football stadium. He was confronted by the Titans and fell into some sewage when Starfire shot at him. As a result, the mixing of Plasmus' temporarily disrupted body structure with raw sewage transformed him into a more inhuman version, giving him multiple green eyes and making him capable of spitting acid. It is unknown how the battle with the Teen Titans against Plasmus ended, possibly either the Titans defeated him without Starfire's aid or Plasmus was laughing at Starfire's appearance.

Later, Plasmus was re-recruited by Slade and Terra and ordered to distract Cyborg and Beast Boy from saving the rest of the Titans. After Terra failed to defeat the Titans, Plasmus was fused with Cinderblock and Overload to form the creature Ternion, combining their powers into a more frightful and powerful version. Ternion proceeded to attack the Titans, but was eventually defeated; Plasmus, along with Cinderblock and Overload, were diffused and went their separate ways.

Plasmus shows up again to menace the Titans on their "last day" before Trigon's arrival. The titans confronted him, but he was defeated single-handedly by Raven, who projected her astral form into Plasmus' mind, rendering him unconscious.

Plasmus in a whale-shaped form underwater.

Plasmus later resurfaced again, this time as a recruit of the Brotherhood of Evil. When the Brotherhood carried out its plans to eliminate young superheroes all around the Earth, Plasmus was sent in Trident's company into the deep sea, where they captured Aqualad and Tramm. When Beast Boy and his Titans team arrived at the Brotherhood's base for battle, Plasmus joined the fight. He managed to catch Beast Boy in the fray, but again Raven used her astral self to render him unconscious, defeating him and returning him to his human form. He ended up flash-frozen along with most of the other villains in attendance.

Physical Appearance

Plasmus' human form in his isolation tank.

Quote1.pngI'm...awake? I should never be awake! I'm only human when I'm sleeping!!Quote2.png
―Prisoner 385901 pleading to Slade [src]


As a whole, Plasmus is a towering repulsive symbiote of dripping dark red slime with long, slouching arms, green eyes, and a large mouth. As of "Transformation", Plasmus, after getting exposed to the contents of raw sewage below a football field, gains a newer albeit hideous form: multiple green eyes and boils on his arms along with black lips and his massive teeth are shown.

Plasmus' human form, however, is that of a sleeping male in his early thirties with a thin build, shaved head, and wearing only a pair of black briefs. His human form is only maintained whilst sleeping in a stasis tank that has soundproof glass and kept in an ambient, isolated cell as shown in "Divide and Conquer".

Powers and Abilities

Plasmus in his human form.

Beast Boy trapped within Plasmus.

Plasmus' primary power is superhuman strength. As a creature composed of ooze and with no solid skeletal structure, Plasmus is able to both withstand and regenerate from a vast amount of physical damage, and to execute limited shape-changing and limb-stretching. In combat, he attacks distant enemies either by elongating his limbs (or creating additional ones) to whip or grapple them, or he spits slime to bludgeon and entrap them. In his second incarnation, Plasmus also became capable of spitting acid.


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  • Plasmus is very similar to Batman villain Clayface: Both were human once but turn into monsters due to a poisonous gas. They also share many physical similarities, such as appearance and abilities. Unlike Plasmus, however, Clayface is capable of speech. Likewise, Plasmus cannot completely change his appearance at will.
  • Plasmus is one of the few characters whose signature appearance changes during the series.
  • In the first episode, when Cinderblock went to free him, Plasmus's human form said "I'm awake? I should never be awake! I'm only human when I'm sleeping!" This shows that Plasmus' human form doesn't want to be a monster and may not want to be evil.
    • Also in the same episode, Plasmus' prison number was 385901, the production number of the episode "Divide and Conquer". This episode was aired as the third one, due to decisions made by Cartoon Network executives.
  • Plasmus was featured as the final villain in the computer game Teen Titans Battle Blitz.
  • In The Strangest Sports Story Ever Told, Plasmus strangely appears in his first form.
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