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Brotherhood of Evil recruits: (Left to right) Phobia, Warp, Plasmus, Angel, and Punk Rocket

Phobia is a villain and an enemy of the Teen Titans.

Character history

The exact origin of Phobia is unknown, nor is any of her past revealed. Phobia never appeared formally in the Teen Titans series, but she has made two cameos throughout the series. In Homecoming - Part 2, she is seen as one of the recruits for the Brotherhood of Evil. However, she has not appeared since, until Titans Together. She was defeated by Robin and Cyborg's comination attack.

Phobia appeared in the final issue (#55) of the Teen Titans Go! comics. Phobia had managed to infiltrate Titans Tower and trapped all of the Teen Titans in their own nightmares, each nightmare consisting of their own worst fears. With the Titans subdued, Phobia proceeds to report her success to the Brain through a transmission, but Silkie manages to wake up the Titans by activating the emergency alarm in the tower. Phobia hastily puts them back to sleep again, but Cyborg reveals that he had just erected a firewall in his mind to keep Phobia from hypnotising him, and quickly dispatches her with a well-aimed blast from his sonic cannon. However, Phobia disappears from the Tower before the Titans can find her.


Phobia wears a hood that covers her hair and neck. She has a green cape and a yellowish-green suit with black spirals on her middle, arms, and legs. 

Powers and Abilities

Phobia is a psychic with an ability to control the fear of the human mind to create life-like illusions of the human's greatest fear. She can make sneak attacks on victims after she has frightened them enough. Phobia also has the ability to teleport as well as vanishing into thin air.

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