Paris is the capital city of France and served as the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Evil.


It first appeared in "Winner Take All", where Beast Boy envisions himself as the winner of the combat tournament, riding in Paris on a moped while being chased by girls.

Paris was featured again in "Episode 257-494", where Control Freak entered the television realm, taking possession of Agent 257's gadgets for his own. He makes an escape off the Eiffel Tower via a glider just as the Titans approach him.

After being defeated by The Doom Patrol in the Homecoming duology, the Brotherhood of Evil retreated to the underground layers of Paris, and assembled a group of villains in an attempt to bring down the entire Teen Titans network.

Having secured a Titans Communicator in "Trust", The Brain stayed in the base and used the communicator to monitor the activities of every Titan, deploying the villains to their locations. When defeated, the Titans were to be brought back to the base for flash-freezing.

The base was first infiltrated by Beast Boy, Pantha, Más, Herald and Jericho, who were easily defeated. However, with the aid of other Titans, they were able to turn the fortunes in their favor, freeing all the captured Titans and freezing several villains including the Brotherhood of Evil.


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