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Nya-Nya is the Japanese-speaking pink cat girl who appeared in the movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo.

Character history

Nya-Nya as Miko Tezumi.

She disguised herself as a cute Japanese schoolgirl who teases Beast Boy by calling him an otaku, which Beast Boy thought meant cute (it actually means geek or nerd). Thinking she was calling him cute, Beast Boy fell in love with her and chased after her and was lead into a karaoke club.

Later on, she revealed her true identity and fought Beast Boy to keep him from helping Cyborg, easily defeating him by distracting him. Like the other Titans, Beast Boy barely escaped the battle.

Nya-Nya was cloned many times when the Titans were fighting against Brushogun's creations. After Uehara Daizo was defeated, she disappeared along with all of the other ink creations Brushogun had created.

Power and abilities

  • Super Strength: Nya-Nya has incredible strength as she defeats Beast Boy in T-rex form and busted open a vending machine with her feet.
  • Acrobatics: Nya-Nya has extremely good acrobatic skills.
  • Martial Arts: Nya-Nya has incredible martial arts skills; almost surpassing those of Robin's.
  • Shapeshifting: Nya-Nya can disguise herself into any form she wants.


  • Nya is the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a cat makes, just as meow is in English.
  • It has been confirmed that the name for Nya-Nya's human disguise is Miko Tezumi by Glen Murakami based on a foreign exchange student from his college days in which he had a crush on.
  • Nya-Nya is one of the most popular characters in Trouble in Tokyo besides Robin, Starfire, Brushogun and Uehara Daizo.
  • She only speaks Japanese, unlike most Japanese characters in Trouble in Tokyo who speak English in stereotypical Japanese accents.
  • Her design is a parody of the stereotypical catgirls that often appear in anime.
  • She could have a crush on Beast Boy as she kissed him during the fight, or she could have used it to stall him.
  • Her hands resemble that of Pantha's, having clawed/pointed fingers.
  • Nya-Nya's eyes are closely similar to Jinx's, being pink with cat pupils.
  • Nya-Nya has a physical resembance with Felicia from Darkstalker Capcom, to be cat-women that have a mane of long hair. But as contrast, Nya-Nya's hair is pink, while Felicia's hair is blue.
  • It's possible that the first Nya-Nya gets defeated/"killed" by Cyborg because he mentions Beast Boy as the only Titan that was defeated and he was the closest Titan here.
  • She might also have a crush on Mecha-Boi.


  • In her Human Form: (giggles) "Otaku" (giggles) (Otaku means geek). While fighting Beast Boy: "Kawaii dobutsu o shitsukeru no daisuki na no! Ureshii wa, Anata o ijimeru no ga tanoshimi!" ["I love training cute animals! I'll be happy to torment you!"]
  • After Kissing Beast Boy: "Me o tojite, (giggles) itai wa yo. ["Close your eyes, (giggles) this will hurt."]
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