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New Teen Titans (stylized as "NEW teen titans") was a series of shorts that aired as part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation block, from 2011-2012. The shorts are based on the original Teen Titans TV series. The original cast of Teen Titans reprise all of their roles.

It was originally believed that the success of the shorts would lead to a revival of the original series. However, it led to the creation of the 2013 spin-off Teen Titans Go! instead.


The Titans Tower in the shorts

The New Teen Titans shorts, along with many other DC Comics shorts (e.g. Farm League, Wonder Woman) are part of the DC Nation block produced by Warner Bros. Animation. They are aired on Cartoon Network alongside four full-length animated series: Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice, Beware the Batman and the eventual Teen Titans spin-off Teen Titans Go!.

Most of the voice actors from the animated series reprised their roles in the shorts.

Sam Register is the executive producer for the New Teen Titans shorts, as well as the DC Nation as a whole.


The main characters as they appeared in the shorts

The animated shorts retain the design of all characters (albeit in chibi style), equipment and buildings from the original series. One notable exception is the Titans Tower which was converted into the shape of a small 't.'

The stories do not have a story arc, and are also more light-hearted as compared to the original series.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


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No. Title Original airdate Villains Overview
1 "Burp" November 11, 2011 None The Teen Titans start a burping competition at their local pizza place.
2 "Utility Player" March 10, 2012 Doctor Light Beast Boy accidentally washes Robin's utility belt and covers it up with his own belt.
3 "Stream of Consciences" March 31, 2012 None With the help of shoulder angels and devils, Beast Boy decides if he should eat a plate of cookies laid out in the Ops room.
4 "Turn Back the Clock" April 21, 2012 Mad Mod The Teen Titans must stop Mad Mod before he regains his youth with his new machine.
5 "Blackfire's Babysitter" May 12, 2012 Blackfire Starfire visits her sister and agrees to babysit her children.
6 "Cyborg the Lifeguard" June 2, 2012 None Cyborg tries to save a girl from drowning in the indoor pool.
7 "Taped Before a Live Studio Audience" June 9, 2012 None Cyborg and Robin gets into an argument over ownership and start to draw their lines with tape.
8 "Red X Unmasked" August 4, 2012 Red X The Titans try to find out the true identity of Red X.
9 "Gamma Rays and You" September 29, 2012 None The Titans have a hard time shooting a short video on gamma rays.
10 "Titans in Love" October 6, 2012 None Raven goes for a night out with Goth Boy. Meanwhile, Robin tries to flirt with Starfire with his new language skills.
11 "Titanimal Kingdom" November 10, 2012 Mumbo Mumbo presents a short documentary on Titanimals.
12 "Kidz Korner 4 Kidz" November 17, 2012 None The Titans act in a children's television show.
13 "Groundhog Minute" November 24, 2012 Warp Warp turns into a baby in defeat but still has possession of his time-travelling device.
14 "Apprentice, Part III" December 1, 2012 Slade, Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth Larry role-plays the Titans and tries to save "Silkie" from the hands of "Slade".
15 "Bad Dad" December 8, 2012 Trigon Trigon tries to visit his daughter.
16 "Lightning Round" December 15, 2012 Control Freak, The Brain, Psimon Beast Boy ends up in a quiz show.
17 "Mayhem at First Sight" December 22, 2012 Mumbo, Mother Mae-Eye Mumbo and Mother Mae-Eye fall in love with each other while in battle with the Titans.

There are about two shorts which were never released on TV and are only available via the DC Universe streaming service.

No. Title Original airdate Villains Overview
1 "It's The Great Pumpkin, Garfield Logan" February 21, 2012 Killer Moth
2 "Titans 3-D" February 21, 2012 Control Freak


  • The shorts share its name with the original 1980s comic series, The New Teen Titans, which is what the TV series is primarily based on.
  • The first short "Burp" was aired as part of the DC Nation Preview, as the DC Nation block did not exist until March 3, 2012. It was eventually aired in the block on June 30, 2012.
  • Raven was never seen unhooded or uncloaked in any of the shorts.


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