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Negative Man (also known as Lawrence "Larry" Trainor) is a member of the Doom Patrol.


Negative Man is a member of the Doom Patrol. He first appeared in a flashback in "Homecoming - Part 1". The Doom Patrol went to the Brotherhood of Evil's base and attempted to stop the Brain and his weapon. However, all of them except Beast Boy were subdued. Mento ordered Beast Boy to go after Mallah and get the weapon. However, Beast Boy disobeyed and destroyed the machine holding the Doom Patrol captive, freeing them. While they complimented him, Mento scolded him for letting the Brotherhood get away. Later, in "Homecoming - Part 2", Negative Man tried to switch the direction of missiles. The rest of the group got away while Negative Man destroyed the missiles. However, when he tried to get back to his body, he sank to the ground and was assumed dead afterwards. When Mento and Beast Boy got to the base, they attempted to stop the Brain themselves, but had a hard time doing so. Just then, the Titans came along with the lost Doom Patrol members, who were rescued by the Titans, including Negative Man. Negative Man helped the group destroy the robot commandos. Afterwards, the Brotherhood got away again, but the Doom Patrol and the Titans left on good terms.

Powers and Abilities

His power is that he can create a negative energy duplicate of himself that emerges from his body; the catch is it can only stay out of his body for one minute. This duplicate is capable of destroying machines, setting off bombs, and above-average strength. It is much like Raven's astral projection.


He has a sarcastic matter-of-fact attitude similar to Raven's. However, he is always willing to sacrifice himself in order to protect the other members of the Doom Patrol.


Teen Titans

Season 5

Teen Titans Go!

Character info

  • Larry Trainor was originally a test pilot who was caught in a radiation field in Earth's atmosphere; upon landing he found his newfound powers, but also found that his encounter left him radioactive. The bandages he wears are chemically treated to block the radiation.
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