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Nega Starfire[src]

Nega Starfire is an evil clone of Starfire created by Trigon.


Since Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy are protected to Trigon's powers thanks to the Ring of Azar, he refuses to expend more of his energy to destroy them and uses his powers to create evil clones out of each of them and pits them against each other, each against his or her own clone.

Since she is a clone of her, Nega Starfire is evenly matched with Starfire and is aware of everything about her, including her inner feelings and she uses them against her. During the battle, Nega Starfire taunts Starfire for her feelings for Robin and says that when she wins Robin will be hers.

As the three Titans come together during a lull in the battle, they talked about Trigon's attention being towards them and Robin being safe to which Nega Cyborg commented 'Wanna bet?' and Nega Starfire flew over to Trigon and whispered in his ear. However, Trigon revealed that he knew leaving the three Titans surprised.

Later, as the tide of the battle above ground starts to turn against the Teen Titans, they decide to switch combatants in hopes of regaining the advantage. Therefore, Beast Boy fights against Nega Starfire and manages to beat her by turning into an Apatosaurus.

Powers and Abilities

  • Tamaranean Physiology: Nega Starfire possesses the power of native Tamaraneans, including;
    • Reddish-Orange Starbolts: Nega Starfire can project starbolts that are colored dark red.
    • Flight/Levitation: Nega Starfire can fly similar to methods described by her host in the episode "Switched".
    • Alien Strength: Nega Starfire possesses the strength shown by other Tamaraneans, including her host.
  • All other powers and abilities of Starfire: Since Nega Starfire is almost an exact clone of her host, she possesses the same powers as her.
  • Practical Immortality: Nega Starfire was able to resist the onslaughts and attacks of her host, and only fell when she was overcome by Beast Boy.



  • Her attitude and combats are just like Blackfire
    • Starfire herself commented the similarities, which Nega Starfire took as a compliment.
  • Her starbolt energy is colored reddish-orange
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