Quote1.pngDon't bother, even if you defeat a few of my children, you won't be able to stop me from releasing the entire swarm. Unless if you want your city reduced to a mothy wasteland, you'll do exactly as I say.Quote2.png
―Killer Moth[src]

Mutant moths are the metal-eating moths that were created by Killer Moth and are larger than normal moths.


Mutant Moths in Killer Moth's Lab.

Mutant moths have wings that look like Killer Moth's. They have furry abdomens, blue eyes, and sharp teeth designed for chewing metal. In their larva state, they have eight tiny legs, and less and shorter sharp teeth. They have a "target" at their tails.

Appearances in Episodes


  • At the very beginning of "Date with Destiny", the mutant moths have red eyes. Later, they have blue eyes.
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