Murakami School was the academy that Terra attended after she was freed from her curse of being a stone statue.


The Murakami School resembled that of a private or Catholic school. All the students wore school uniforms that were black and white. It had many classrooms, a mentioned computer lab, and a school library.


When Beast Boy discovered that Terra was no longer a statue, he began searching for her. He found her at the Murakami High School. However, she did not recognize him, have any powers, or remember anything about her past. She was very academically involved at her school, taking a wide range of subjects and being very concerned about studying. Beast Boy was finally able to let go of Terra and their past and allowed both Terra and himself to move on to their own seperate futures.


This academy had three named students:



  • When Beast Boy asked if she remembered anything about her past with the Titans, she replied that all she rememered was high school; therefore, all of Terra's current memory lies within the Murakami School.
  • The school is named after the show's co-creator, producer & character designer: Glen Murakami. Murakami made numerous contributions to Teen Titans, including giving the show it's american-anime (later dubbed Murakanime) style.
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