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Quote1.pngMumbo Jumbo! Abracadabra! Alakazam! Hocus pocus!Quote2.png
―Mumbo's standard spell incantations[src]

Mumbo[2] is a villain and an enemy of the Teen Titans, particularly of Raven.

Character history

Mumbo in his human form.

Mumbo is a small, underprivileged, sleight-of-hand magician who happened to discover a conjurer's hat and wand which gave him real magic powers but also drove him insane. He subsequently uses his powers for common thievery, coming into frequent conflict with the Teen Titans.

Mumbo clashed with the Titans after he had robbed a jewelry store and fled to a junkyard. During the fight, Cyborg, whose power cell was nearly drained at that time, was lost, and the other Titans presumed that Mumbo had taken him hostage (actually, Cyborg had been found by the cybernetic hermit Fixit and brought into his underground lair for repairs). After the Titans having chased Mumbo all over the city, Robin finally managed to get hold of Mumbo's magic wand and break it, nullifying Mumbo's spells and reverting back to his original human form. When Cyborg failed to show up, the Titans returned to the junkyard. After they had delivered Mumbo to the authorities, despite the latter's high hopes.

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At some unspecified point, Terra, who was a member of the Teen Titans at that time, captured Mumbo right after he attempted to run out of a bank he had just robbed by sky-slamming him into the air with a rock (shown in a flashback in the episode "Aftershock - Part 2").

"I just love a captive audience!"

Mumbo was caught by the Teen Titans robbing the city's central bank. When Raven displayed a lack of appreciation for his magic tricks, Mumbo decided to outdo her. He drew Raven and the remaining Titans into a pocket dimension in his hat, which is a world made in his literal image and where his magic is far more powerful. He turned the Titans into animals and limited Beast Boy's shape-changing ability to objects only, and prepared to eliminate them all in the grand finale of his own theater show. With their powers gone, the Titans were rendered helpless—until Raven managed to outsmart him by painting herself and the others that they optically blended in with the stage and fooling him into opening her cage. This action released the Titans (who are back to normal and Raven was turned back into herself) and Mumbo's loot from the hat, and Mumbo was apprehended. He questioned how they escaped, but Raven refused to tell him, saying "a magician never reveals her secrets" while winking at him, much to his dismay.

Mumbo as an Alarm Clock in "Crash".

Later, Mumbo was recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil. He participated in Ding Dong Daddy's race for Robin's most secret possession, but was taken out in a mass crash triggered by Red X. When Beast Boy lead Mas, Herald, Pantha, and Jericho in an assault to the Brotherhood's Base, Mumbo was defeated by Beast Boy's Tyrannosaurus form and joined his allies in the flash-freeze treatment.

Teen Titans Go!

Mumbo's speaking backward spell.

Mumbo appeared in Magic & Misdirection in issue 12. He overpowered all five titans and Terra. He managed to create a trap floor and Beast Boy fell into it. He claimed that he wanted to make Titans Tower disappear and Robin goes after him. While Cyborg and Raven checked the Tower, Terra and Starfire searched for Beast Boy. Cyborg and Raven found dots hanging in the proximity of the Tower. It was revealed that Mumbo misdirected them to check the Tower while he planned to rob the bank. Mumbo cast a spell to Robin to speak backwards. Robin was unable to tell Raven and Cyborg. After regrouping, the Titans were able to deduce Mumbo's ulterior reason and take him down.



Amazing Mumbo

Mumbo's uniform consists of a normal magician's clothing. He wears a black turtleneck tuxedo with a white chest pad and a yellow flower pinned to his chest. He also wears a top hat, gloves and a mask. The mask he wears is identical to Robin's and Speedy's.

Powers and abilities

Mumbo up to his tricks.

Mumbo is a powerful magician, whose magic comes from the hat and the wand, but the magic he can produce—mainly due to the nature of his paraphernalia and his state of mind—is limited to stage magic, conjuring, and comedic effects.

These include (but are not limited to) conjuring masses of flowers and cards to attack or distract opponents, levitation, moving objects, transforming people and objects at will, enlarging his glove to catch his opponent, conjuring door traps, animating lifeless objects, and making objects disappear into his hat. His magical effects do not last long, but are highly versatile and often catches the Titans off guard, allowing him to overpower all five of the Titans sometimes.

Mumbo's hat contains a whole world made in his literal image. Inside, everyone and everything answers to Mumbo and he is at his most powerful, as he was able to turn the Titans into animals (and Beast Boy into a lamp), nullify their powers, and stated he would make them disappear forever (erase them from existence).

All of his spells can be broken if his wand and/or hat is broken or taken away. This is how the Titans have always defeated him as they cannot simply overpower his magic.


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  • Mumbo was created for the animated series to bring a lighter tone to the episode "Sum of His Parts", according to story editor David Slack.
  • Mumbo bears a striking resemblance, and could have been inspired by, the Great HooDoo from the 70's television show Lidsville, as both are villainous magicians, both have a similar over-the-top voice, and both have an unnatural skin color (blue and green respectively). In addition, the episode "Bunny Raven... or ...How to Make A Titananimal Disappear" features the titans going into Mumbo's hat, much like the plot of Lidsville in which a boy named Mark falls into the Great HooDoo's hat and ends up in the titular town. The surreal nature of both is also a similarity. Tom Kenny also played Ellis, a parody of HooDoo, in the Mr. Show sketch "The Altered State of Drugachussetts".
  • He is one of the five villains who have cried before. The other four are Kitten, Soto, Punk Rocket, and Warp.
  • He is one of the bosses in the video game of Teen Titans made for Playstation 2, XBOX, and GameCube. He is also a playable unlocked character.
  • The only season Mumbo doesn't make a physical appearance is in Season 4, but there is a Mumbo Alarm Clock in Season 4 in Titans Tower.
  • He has the same mask as Robin and Speedy.
  • Mumbo is one of the few villains in Teen Titans who sang a musical number.
  • Mumbo has the name of another character in the Banjo-Kazooie series. This Mumbo uses magic and has transformed the main characters into animals as well.
  • Mumbo was said to be a one-off character created for the show, but a positive fan reaction influenced further appearances.
  • In "The Lost Episode", the conductor of the orchestra has a striking resemblance to Mumbo's normal human form.
  • His gloves resemble those of Mickey Mouse.
  • Derrick J. Wyatt said that Bezel from Ben 10 Omniverse is the parallel of Mumbo in the Ben 10 reality.[3]
    • Both Bezel and Mumbo are voiced by Tom Kenny, both of them can use real magic, but have an attraction to stage magic, and they share a similar body design. The main difference is that Bezel could already use real magic, but became disillusioned by it, and took a shining to stage magic, whereas Mumbo was a stage magician who obtained a pair of magical items.

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