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Quote1.pngAre you gonna help us, lady?Quote2.png
―Melvin, asking Raven a question.[src]

Melvin is the oldest and the leader of a young trio of sibling little child super heroes consisting of herself, Timmy Tantrum and Teether. All of them are Honorary Titans.

Character history

Melvin and her siblings Timmy and Teether are three young children gifted with super powers. Because of the threat they posed, the Brotherhood of Evil decided to have them kidnapped and eliminated. The Titans learned of this plan, however, and arranged for the three to be brought to a safe location. Because the other Titans were busy dealing with various Brotherhood schemes, Raven was entrusted with this task.

Raven and her young charges were repeatedly beset by Monsieur Mallah. Time and again, Raven just barely managed to save the three siblings from the intelligent gorilla, but had even more trouble dealing with the kids. Melvin acted as a mediator, giving Raven helpful hints; but she also got annoyed by Raven's insistence that her "imaginary" friend Bobby was not a real person. Despite several strange happenings, which Melvin claimed to be Bobby's doing, Raven was convinced that Melvin possessed poorly-controlled telekinetic powers and she had created Bobby in order to deal with the guilt.

Mallah finally succeeded in his kidnapping attempt. Raven tried to stop him, but ended up helpless before him, and it was in this moment when the children - and Bobby - revealed their true powers and fought him off on their own. Raven, who had come to care deeply for all of them, made them Honorary Titans, and later the children and Bobby joined the Titans in their final assault on the Brotherhood's base and the subsequent recapture of Doctor Light.

Melvin and her siblings appear in two issues of the Teen Titans Go! comic series: in Issue #42 ("Pieces of Me"), in which they help sort out a problem with Raven (or multiple Ravens) caused while they were playing with Beast Boy; and Issue #55 ("When There's Trouble...") in which Melvin is one of a number of would-be heroes and Titans being trained by Cyborg.

Physical appearance

Melvin is the tallest of her siblings, with fair skin, big blues eyes, and black eyebrows. Her hair is blonde, parted in the middle, and worn in pigtails. She wears a pink cape, a white tank top with a pink "M" on it, a pink skirt, white socks, and pink shoes.

Powers and abilities

Melvin is capable of manifesting her imagination. She can theoretically use this ability to animate inanimate objects or even create new objects from thin air. However, her current skill level has limited her to being able to summon a giant stuffed teddy bear named Bobby. Bobby has enhanced strength and durability, as well as being able to turn himself invisible.


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  • Melvin is a character made exclusively for Teen Titans, as she did not appear in the DC comics.
  • She also appears in the "Titanimal Kingdom" short, at a tea party with Raven (in bunny form) with a teddy bear that is a toy sized version of Bobby.
  • Melvin's cartoon teeth changes color from white to black.
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